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Old 6 January 2001, 21:37
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Question Light Infantry

I was looking over a page about the 1st Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group and it said that the 3rd battalion of the PPCLI is tasked as the Brigade light infantry unit.
What difference does this role accord to the 3rd battalion. Is it in any ways more "high speed" then the mechanized regiments. The reason I am asking this is that Light Infantry contradicts the usual idea of the Army as being peacekeepers cruising around in big white APC's.
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Old 6 January 2001, 21:39
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HAHA...I also lay claim to starting up our 100th topic here....
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Old 8 January 2001, 15:32
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The "light" status of Canadian (and other NATO) light units (light infantry, light division, etc.) refers to the amount of heavy equipment assigned to the unit.

In this case, "light infantry" units in Canada are light because they do not have integral armoured (mechanized/motorized) transport. Essentially, they are cheaper to kit out than "heavy" mechanized units.

The genesis of Canadian light infantry battalions was born of cost-cutting, not from doctrinal reasons.

The result is, theoretically, a unit that trains in dismounted infantry tactics, including, perhaps, more airmobile emphasis than mechanized units. They are, again in theory, more easily transported simply because they don't have the kit.

These battalions also had, initially anyway, one company each of jump-qualified troops tasked to maintain a parachute capability in the absence of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. The future of this tasking may now be in doubt.

If leadership in these LIB's is good, they should be able to develop better-trained infantry soldiers by focussing on the dismounted end of training, and without having to dedicate 2/3 of manpower to track/vehicle maintenance on any given day. However, they do not formally have any special operations mandate.

I could go on about the interesting irony of light forces throughout history, but that's not what you asked about.

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Old 8 January 2001, 18:09
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...just one thing about the light battalions, contradictory to the "light" designation when they go overseas they go as a mech battalion...even para coy, must swallow their pride and get in the back of a lav
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