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Old 26 April 2018, 19:44
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André the Giant

An HBO documentary about André Roussimoff. If you were a wrestling fan back in the day, it’s a must see. It is very well done and I’ve seen it twice. My wife never watched wrestling, but I thought she would like his story and convinced her to give it a try. She loved it and was holding back tears at the end. It has interviews with Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon, Rick Flair, Jerry Lawler, Gene Okerland and contains lots of footage from his career and personal life.
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Old 26 April 2018, 20:10
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It was good and sad at the same time.
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Old 26 April 2018, 20:35
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I saw it as well. Talk about fighting hurt. A giant with a giant's heart.
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Old 26 April 2018, 23:36
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Thanks for posting this Tenn. I had no idea it was even out. Just watched it and agree with all the comments above.
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Old 27 April 2018, 08:06
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I watched about half of it last night, hadn't seen this thread until now. I suppose I should watch the last half, too. Didn't know anything about him working hurt.

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Old 27 April 2018, 08:59
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Always loved watching the guy as a kid, stellar performer. His character in The Princess Bride was exceptional...
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Old 27 April 2018, 11:40
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His beer drinking is legendary.....he could down like 125 in a sitting. He passed out one time in a hotel lobby, they couldn't move him so they threw a big sheet over him.

There are some great stories about him on youtube told by the wrestlers of that day.

I went up to shake his hand one time while he was sitting in an airport staring straight ahead....didn't acknowledge me...keep staring straigt ahead. His head was the size of a watermelon. Massive scary lookin' dude
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