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Old 13 August 2013, 18:16
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I thought it was fantastic. The special effects were incredible and I thought the story line was good too. I'm not a fan of Tom Cruise off the screen, but I think he does a damn good job when he's acting in his movies.
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Old 13 August 2013, 18:23
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TC makes good action movies and is a good actor for the most part, though as with most actors weird off screen. Did not care for Jack Reacher, but the Mission Impossible movies, War of the Worlds, Collateral, and the secret agent movie, Knight and Day he did with Cameron Diaz which had me LMAO, have all been pure escapism entertainment. Lions and Lambs and Valkyrie were decent I thought as well.
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Old 13 August 2013, 20:36
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Originally Posted by leopardprey View Post
I actually think would have enjoyed this more at the Theatre due to the CGI and Scenery. My small TV screen did not do it justice.
I used to think that, back when movie screens were much bigger. The movie going experience, much like flying, has gotten progressively worse for me over the years to the point I rarely go. Part of the reason for that is the size of the screens, and the other part are projectionists who don't know how to light the movie. It's probably gotten better in that regard since theaters have gone digital, but the art of projecting a movie seemed to decline throughout the '90s and beyond.

I'll admit, though, that the original Die Hard was made for the big screen, and they were bigger back in '88. I looked forward to that movie for a couple of months before it came out and I wasn't disappointed.
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Old 14 August 2013, 09:47
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Saw it on the plane to Costa Rica. Great airplane movie. Liked the (predictable) ending. Great cinematography. Interesting premise. Hate Cruise, but ignored that in favor of the hot chicks.
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Old 16 August 2013, 01:00
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Decent flick.
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Old 18 September 2013, 09:13
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Great movie. Was watching one of the flight/fight sequences during some light turbulence on the plane. Made it more like an interactive video game experience and kept me from crapping my pants.

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Old 26 November 2013, 00:28
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Rented it from Redbox last night. Watched it, enjoyed it.

As far as the crew still being in suspended animation most of the sci-fi flicks I've seen about deep space have that occur: The captain and a second wake first, ready the ship, ensure shit's right, then they start the wake up process for the rest of the crew...I would guess they woke up and then realized what was happening and didn't start the process for the rest of the crew.

It was a good flick in my opinion.

On the other hand there's a movie called "The Colony" or "Colony" - the wife picked that one. It's horrible. It's so bad it doesn't deserve its own thread. Halfway through it I told her that she had to pick drinking a glass of pee or being punched for making such a horrible choice and my having to pay for it (at Redbox). Even at $1.20 I felt cheated.

She chose the punch.
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Old 2 February 2014, 03:02
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Just watched it on HBO. Not great, but very watchable. The cinematography and set designs were awesome.

I wouldn't have liked it as much if I had to spend money to see it in the theater, I think. But it was just fine for a few hours on a boring night at home as a break.
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Old 22 May 2014, 02:23
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Just caught it on Epix. MOO, the film has breathtaking effects that don't quiet overcome cliche action sequences and a weird psychological undercurrent.

But then any film with Melissa Leo and Olga Kurylenko can't be all that bad. The flight recorder scene is, IMO, awesome.

Tom Cruise does his best acting when he's playing a character who has either lost his confidence or has subordinated his ego to the needs of those around him or is simply a total asshole.

That being said, I've never seen a film of his in which I did not think, "Hey, that's the guy who dumped Nic Kidman for a cult."
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Old 24 April 2018, 11:23
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This is on tv right now and Iím watching it for about the 20th time. I loved this movie and itís one of those I donít get tired of seeing again. The flight sequences and effects are incredible and I like the tone set by the musical score. The first time I saw it was right after I bought my 60Ē HD TV with sound system and I was hooked.
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Old 24 April 2018, 12:29
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Posts: 3,437 wasn't bad, I liked the other one he did a bit better. Can't remember the name, but he kept dying over and over, getting smarter each death to defeat aliens. Wasn't too bad...considering Cruise was fighting the "Gods' of his Scientology religion....
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Old 25 April 2018, 10:17
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Originally Posted by Mingo Kane View Post wasn't bad, I liked the other one he did a bit better. Can't remember the name, but he kept dying over and over, getting smarter each death to defeat aliens. Wasn't too bad...considering Cruise was fighting the "Gods' of his Scientology religion....
Edge of Tomorrow.
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