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Old 2 September 2017, 09:09
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While the Mayweather-McGregor circus was going on…..the World Freestyle wrestling championships were being held in Paris.

The USA had a great showing….but it came down to the final match (97kg, 213 lbs) on the final day to determine the team champion between us and the Russians.

For the US, it was 2 time World and Olympic champion Kyle Snyder the 21 year old out of Ohio State. For Russia it was 21 y.o World and Olympic champion Sadulaev who bumped up a weight class just so he could face Snyder.

It was billed as the ‘match of the century’ because both wrestlers are truly legends. Sadulaev is a folk hero in Russia, has been on the international scene for years, and thought to be the best wrestler pound for pound in the world.

The TEAM title was on the line. Snyder wins, USA is champs, Sadulaev wins, Russia is World Champs. The place is going nuts (seems like a lot of Russians at the event) and the match is close but…..Snyder wins in the end.

Both men are humble and respectful (unlike the circus clowns on pay per view) see interview and match below.

Oh, and….a good wrestler will mop the floor with a boxer in a fight anyday….

Snyder post match interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88epZMgxOLc

Match here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYTHC-GHkBE
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Old 2 September 2017, 10:33
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I watched this last weekend. The Snyder-Sadulaev match was outstanding.
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Old 2 September 2017, 10:52
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Glad to see the US is well represented internationally in such a respectable contest of individual skill and strength.
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Old 2 September 2017, 10:59
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What a great write up. Thanks for posting, Mike.
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