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Old 6 September 2017, 09:01
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CVA Remington Army 1858

A family friend had his father pass, he gifted me this kit that belonged to his father. It appears to be intact.

I've figure out the majority of the assembly but, I wanted to get some advice. It was made by CVA and all of my google searching has came up empty. It's a black powder .44 caliber model. There are several videos on YouTube for break down and cleaning. But nothing on building. The grips will need alot of final fitment, that are more square edged then comfortable smooth. If that makes sense

One of the screws that holds the cylinder lock to the hammer didn't get milled out completely. I'm wonder what would be best here. Mill the end and add a slot. Or just order new screw set.

The whole pistol has surface rust, I wanted to get some ideas about that. The rifling has some surface rust. Also the Bronze casting is "Fuzzy" some spurs need to be filed away and polish the whole thing.

I'd like to ultimately blue it or maybe cerakote the black parts.

How is the best way to deal with the surface rust? Cola/ parts tumbler? Sand blasting?

I'm pretty good with AK and AR platforms and mildly good with metal work.

I want to make this as nice as possible and maybe gift it back to him in a display case. I'd like to maybe shoot it as a reward to myself, then clean it up and case it up.

Wanted to chronicle the process knowing it would be a long process.

Here are some pics to get the conversation started. Ideas and pointers are greatly appreciated

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Old 6 September 2017, 09:04
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I'm working out the imgr sorry for the size.. but the details looks to be good. Ideas on making htm the correct size?
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Old 6 September 2017, 15:16
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See if this will help you
Attached Images
File Type: jpg 1858-remington-stainless-pietta-schematic800x800.jpg (29.2 KB, 126 views)
File Type: jpg Remington_parts.jpg (57.8 KB, 124 views)
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Old 11 September 2017, 11:20
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Thank You, the exploded view helps greatly.

A question, You can see there is surface rust... it's not deep and you can brush most of it off with your hand.

what would be the best process? To remove and blue? I'm assuming like most things. Prep and finish then assemble the parts as necessary.

Looking for ideas.. What about Cerakote vs blueing whats the opinion?

Since this is the brass versions, I'd just blue/Treat the raw steel and polish the brass.

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Old 11 September 2017, 11:45
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I'd try oiled fine steel wool first, then perhaps soda blasting if that proves inadequate.

If you decide to go with ceracote, glass beading helps with adhesion, and that'll remove the rust. S/F....Ken M
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Old 11 September 2017, 16:55
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I have one of these and enjoy shooting it because it is more than just throwing rounds in a gun and pulling a trigger.
I did not see the powder measure but it may not have come with the kit? If you do fire it check the nipples every once in a while and do not leave the cylinders loader. The only thing I was told by the store owner when i purchase mine was not to hot load it. I am not sure if that matters with a newer one.
BPS use to have this kit but I am not sure if they still carry it. They also had the other little things you will need to fire it.
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Old 12 September 2017, 07:48
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Emory cloth will take it off and polish
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