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Old 2 October 2017, 05:34
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Velocity just causes too light bullets to fragment, and that turns meat into wastage.

Pistol type .451 diameter bullets designed for 45ACP or 45Colt are going to explode at 450 velocities. The 454 Casull/460S&W bullets should be fine, as long as you don't blast something too close.

I really do think, and I've got a little experience with this, that a hard cast 300-350gn ogival flatpoint, which are already available for 454 Casull, is going to be the way to go with this caliber. You've got 150yrs of success with the 45 caliber lever guns using those type bullets on everything up to and including brown bears.

The Ruger American seems like a nice utilitarian grade rifle. It's made with modern materials, not traditional stuff, but it's kinda like a Glock in that regard. S/F....Ken M
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Old 2 October 2017, 07:08
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Velocity just causes too light bullets to fragment, and that turns meat into wastage.

That's exactly why the .243 had a bad reputation as a whitetail rifle back in the 70's. High velocity with a no so well put together bullet.

Now, thanks to technology it's a fine whitetail rifle. I made a very clean kill on a Louisiana buck with one at 110 yds.
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Old 21 October 2017, 20:21
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I have one to deer hunt in my state that has strict rifle laws. It is a deer killing round I have shot 3 here in Indiana and all were one shot from 60 yards to 129 I think its here to stay.
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