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Old 5 October 2017, 11:25
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Stephen Cloobeck the Diamond Resorts founder was just on Fox Business News talking about how he wants to see a bipartisan ban on all automatic weapons.... What a tool.
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Old 5 October 2017, 11:41
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Originally Posted by CTA View Post
Stephen Cloobeck the Diamond Resorts founder was just on Fox Business News talking about how he wants to see a bipartisan ban on all automatic weapons.... What a tool.
I was just listening to them talk about how the slidefire stock modifies the gun to make it fire different than how the manufacturer intended. It still fires once per trigger pull, just like the manufacturer intended.
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Old 5 October 2017, 11:43
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Originally Posted by hawkdrver View Post
Right there with you. A 9 month processing delay is a de facto law.
My personal view (besides the flammenwerfing of the whole NFA/ATF system) is that you should be able to 'possess' your NFA item as soon as the check clears the Treasury system. The idea that the ATF 'has to do a background check on you' (they really don't, they do a paperwork check, FWIU) is so monumentally stupid because a person has to fill out a 4473 and have a background check anyway once they go to the store to pick up the item. A clerk's processing time should be cut down to handing over a receipt. Like when you get one printed at the pump at the gas station.

In fact, IMO, you should be able to go to the store and pick up your NFA item of choice and run your Debit/CC and if it clears the system you're GTG. And no I don't care about charge-backs. The gov can deal with it like every other merchant across the world. Once the 4473 and background give a green light, there literally shouldn't be a problem. It's a TAX, nothing more. The idea that you need armed LE and other military assets to enforce what really is just a tax is ridiculous. Don't pay your income tax, what do they do? Yeah, they levy your accounts, seize your assets, and have the local po-po do the dirty work for them. Tax shit is really just accounting crap for stupid thick-glasses wearing nerds. Possession of 'illegal" guns is, or should be, a job for local LE.

BUT --- as everyone here know full well, this stuff isn't about guns. It's not about protected the precious babies asleep in their cribs from the evil guns lurking in the shadows waiting for a chance to strike. It's about CONTROL. So they can do to us some of the shit that the EU does to it's citizens.
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