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Old 30 November 2012, 09:30
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Very sorry to hear of your loss. Prayers out for you and your family.
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Old 2 December 2012, 05:00
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RIP Roy. I'm truly sorry for your loss brother.
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Old 3 December 2012, 20:10
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Very sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and your family.
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Old 4 December 2012, 22:13
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Thanks for all of your kind words. My brother Roy wanted to be cremated. My sister Rosie had His ashes spread on our Mother's grave site, as He wished. I remember my brother as a Army Soldier who served in Korea right after the end of the Korean war, as a police officer in Hagerman, New Mexico, and working with my Father in the Army, Navy Surplus Store as I was growing up. My pastor says that Roy just got tired of living, and decided to end His life. Roy still continues to live on in my memory, and I try to remember the good times.
"And the fallen Angels took to flight transformed into fierce beasts, and fell upon their prey" Dante
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Old 5 December 2012, 08:57
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He sounds like a good man, agoyea.
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