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Old 13 November 2017, 23:59
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Exclamation PAs/MDs needed, Iraq, $500-750+/day, Clinical setting, 30/90 day rotations

SB Approved

The Physicians Assistant Operational (MD, PA) is responsible for stabilizing
and preparing sick and injured personnel for transport to a higher level
medical facility; supporting the Physician in planning and implementing the
medical support program (preventive and corrective); documenting care
delivered and follow up care required; and, communicating issues, obtaining
approvals, resolving problems, and maintaining specific level of knowledge
pertaining to new developments, new task efforts, and new policy

A. Five years experience in acute clinical environment (ICU/ER/Flight/PICU/
PACU/Burn) experience. VETERANS PREFERRED (Veteran of US Military,
Defense Contractors, or Foreign US Allied Military)
B. Current State license for respective State of practice
C. Current DEA license
be obtained before full time employment.
E. Excellent physical health with full use of all extremities and no back
limitations. No visual limitations or hearing deficit. The Physician Assistant
must also be in excellent mental health with the ability to cope with
extreme emotional and physical stress. Hiring Fitness test is required.
F. Pre-employment physical required.

Passport required

G. Plan and implement medical care in an austere environment according to
the laws of the State of Licensure.
H. Effectively organize and prioritize care according to the policies and
procedures of Client and subsidiaries.
I. Documents patient care in a concise and consistent manner.
J. Practices appropriate safety measures and follows direction of Medical
K. Maintains safe medical transport skills according to Client, and subsidiaries policy.
L. One year commitment to Client and subsidiaries, unless otherwise stated.

Duties and Responsibilities:
A. Provides Physician Assistant services at diplomatic posts, including
treatment of illnesses or minor injuries suffered during security operations.
B. Stabilizes and prepares sick and injured personnel to a higher level
medical facility
C. Ensures that the contents and serviceability of medical kits supplied to
personnel and placed in operational vehicles are properly maintained
D. Responsible for delivery of total patient care. Continually monitors patient
status and intervenes as necessary. Maintains written documentation of
patient condition and care provided according to established standards
and guidelines.
E. Assists in additional patient care as required.
F. All records and reports are transferred to receiving personnel.
G. Equipment must be cleaned and maintained. Any problems with
equipment and/or patient management will be documented.
H. Participates in debriefing meeting with Medical Management Team and
other staff as appropriate when requested.
A. Participates in teaching and training of other team members.
B. Participates in public education programs and public relations
I. Utilizes Connect telemedicine service to create, maintain an effective
patient and chief medical officer relationship.
J. Represents Client with integrity and ethics, any behavior
deemed unprofessional or disrespectful is subject to review or termination.
K. Client has a zero tolerance for domestic violence. Reported
cases of domestic violence against: Women, Children or other Men will be
grounds for immediate suspension and or termination

Environmental Conditions
Seasonal exposure to extreme cold and heat. Frequent temperature changes
from outside to inside. Exposure to noise and vibrations during flight,
exposure to hypoxia during flight, exposure to high ionized radiation during
flight. Possible exposure to toxic/caustic chemicals during transport
of patients who have been exposed. Possible exposure to dehydration, motion
sickness, gas expansion, sudden decompression during flight. Ability to lift
over 300 pounds safely with assistance. Travel is frequent and required. A
clear US Citizen Passport is required.

Experience & Education
Minimum Five (5) years experience in the medical field as a medical member.
Time as a emergency room physician assistant is preferred. Have an in-depth
knowledge of security and life-saving Medical procedures. Have a working
knowledge in sanitary requirements to maintain a healthy working
environment. Have knowledge of body recovery procedures. Have knowledge
of advanced cardiology, to include operation of Defibrillator equipment,
accurate reading and diagnosis of cardiac strips, and ACLS algorithms with
appropriate drug treatment protocol. Be knowledgeable of Advanced Trauma
Care, to include immediate assessment and treatment of ANY traumatic life
threatening injury, advanced airway management (Intubations, Surgical
Cricothyrotomy), advanced invasive procedures (Needle Decompression,
Chest Tube Thoracotomy), advanced Circulatory support (Venous access
through cut down procedures, blood typing and cross match, blood
transfusion protocols). Have knowledge of Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment
of illnesses to include, but not limited to, the following systems cardiac,
pulmonary, dermatology, musculoskeletal, neurological, endocrine,
gastrointestinal, and genitourinary. Be knowledgeable of wound repair, to
include anesthesia, nerve blocks, and suturing with proper aseptic technique.
Have knowledge of general sick call procedures. Have a general knowledge of
radiological (basic) analysis. Have knowledge of material inventory principles.
Supervision and Command

Accountable to Local Medical Director for day to day operations with ultimate
accountability to executive team leaders and Chief Medical Officer.

Apply here: or send resume to Ian at
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