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Old 22 November 2005, 10:59
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MSG. Yost was my Bravo instructor(SFC at the time). He was a good man and very good leader. He and SFC. D, along with the rest of the cadre looked out for the men and made sure we made everything to standard. I was a "re-tread" for FDC along with SFC. G of 1st grp, during that time I got to know him and respect him. He will be remembered, as a hard working commonsence Green Beret. RIP
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Old 22 November 2005, 11:06
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Old 22 November 2005, 18:43
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RIP Msg Yost. I am sorry to hear of this loss to all of you here who knew him. My prayers out to his family and all who knew him personally and professionally.
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Old 22 November 2005, 21:23
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Originally Posted by Typhoon
RIP Msg Yost. I am sorry to hear of this loss to all of you here who knew him. My prayers out to his family and all who knew him personally and professionally.
RIP Warrior.
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Old 24 November 2005, 21:36
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I first meet MSG Yost at Bragg when I was reclassing from a Charlie to a Bravo. One great operator. RIP.
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Old 25 November 2005, 11:10
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I never met MSG Yost, although I was in Stuttgart with 1st BN 10th SFG(A) when he was in Fort Carson with 2nd BN 10th SFG(A). I did, however, attend his memorial service today. Yeah, you can guess where I am right now. Anyway, the guy who lives in the next hooch over from mine here was the infantry company commander who ordered Tony Yost and his Iraqi Army brethren into the insurgent house where he was killed, and has told me in great detail the story of that night's mission. He and Tony were great friends. The CPT cried this morning delivering his address - I should say eulogy. One of the CPT's privates was also killed in the raid, and eleven other infantrymen were wounded. Several Iraqi Army soldiers were also killed. I have a lot of respect for this commander, and he had a lot for MSG Yost. The memorial service made for many damp eyes in the auditorium, not least of all in the ODA, and included my own (although I am not on the ODA; I am not a long-tabber). The bugler played taps, the piper played Amazing Grace, and SSG Barry Sadler sang the Ballad of the Green Berets (the last on MP3, naturally). There were a couple of hundred of us in there, mostly grunts and operators. It was a sad, solemn occasion that could have been for any of us over here. I was proud to be able to pay him my respects.

Sorry if this is out of place, but I thought if anyone would appreciate knowing how he was memorialized over here, it would be the members of this forum.

RIP MSG Tony Yost and PFC Chris Alcozer
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Old 1 December 2005, 15:19
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I heard there are about a dozen less shit-bags because of that op. Anyway, tony was one of the best - we'll miss you. RIP Bro.

Skorenzy - good write up on the service.

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Old 9 January 2006, 15:41
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I was MSG Yosts SFT when he was attending the Q-course for 18b, He was a natural leader, and loved combatives training, the other students referred to him as Chief, I remember him telling me that he carried his Grandfathers tomahawk with him. I believe he was Apache. The last time I saw him was at Ft,Bragg in 2000 he was attending some school possibly ancoc. He was in great spirits and telling me how he was continuing his martial studies.Tony Yost was a true warrior God bless you and your family brother. Brandon sommerfeld.
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Old 18 April 2006, 21:51
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This info was sent my way. For those that are interested in attending a memorial for this warrior...

April 29th 10:30am at Fort Campbell there will be a memorial for Tony
since he was attached to 5th Group. They are planting a tree and
placing a stone in Gabriel Field.

May 25th 3:00pm at Fort Bragg there will be a memorial for Tony and
his name will be on the USASOC wall.

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Old 24 June 2006, 23:16
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The (UK) Sunday Times June 25, 2006

Zarqawi gunfight kept from US hero’s widow
Sarah Baxter, Washington, and Michael Smith

THE hunt for Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, was so secretive that one special forces widow did not know her husband had died in a close encounter with the terrorist until she read about it in The Sunday Times.

Master Sergeant Tony Yost, a 39-year-old sniper known as “Chief” because of his Apache heritage, was leading a special forces “A-team” raid on a Zarqawi safe house in Mosul, northern Iraq, when he was killed last November.

The Sunday Times referred to the incident a fortnight ago in an article about Zarqawi’s death in a US airstrike. We reported that Yost had killed three of the terrorist’s lieutenants in a firefight before Zarqawi blew up the house and escaped through a tunnel.

It was news to Yost’s grieving wife Joann. “I saw Tony’s name and thought, ‘That’s my husband’,” she said.

All she had been told by the US military was that a building had exploded with her husband inside. She learnt later that he had killed several insurgents, but Zarqawi was not mentioned. The information was top secret.

“I can live with the fact that Tony died doing what he loved,” Joann said. “But I want to fight for the right for my children to know what happened to him.”

Joann was discouraged from seeing her husband’s badly injured body before he was buried at Arlington national cemetery. She hopes to be buried next to him one day.

Joann, the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, still lives near Fort Bragg in North Carolina, home to Yost’s 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (airborne). She was a 34-year-old aerobics teacher when she met Yost, a weapons instructor, at the local gym shortly before the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

They had both been married before and each had a teenage child, but they soon became inseparable. Yost secretly went to buy an engagement ring with Joann’s son Donovan before he proposed.

After their marriage, AJ — short for Anthony James — was born. He is two now and missing his father. Joann has taken him to see the memorial at Fort Bragg where Yost’s name is inscribed alongside those of all 965 special forces soldiers killed or missing in action since the Vietnam war.

She has told the boy his father will not be coming home. “He’s too young to understand. He still says Daddy is at work.”

Joann worries that Yost will be nothing more than a photograph to AJ. “I would like my son to be able to say one day, ‘This is what happened to my father’. The details may not matter to some people, but they matter to me,” she said.

Yost had served in the special forces for more than a decade when the Iraq war broke out. He was a deadly accurate sniper and volunteered for active duty.

“Tony was a special forces legend,” one source recalled. “There are many stories around about his prowess with a rifle. He was known as ‘the master sniper’.”

Another special forces soldier said: “He was a natural leader who was called chief. I remember him telling me that he carried his grandfather’s tomahawk with him.”

The net began closing in on Zarqawi last autumn as the tip-offs about his location increased. On November 19, Yost’s “A team”, backed up by Iraqi forces, surrounded the house in Mosul where they believed the terrorist was.

A firefight broke out in which an American soldier and several Iraqi soldiers were killed. Eleven US troops were wounded. Yost fought his way into the house.

US Army Special Operations Command said later that Yost “was in the process of searching a building in Mosul for insurgents when an explosion occurred, collapsing the building. Yost was killed by the blast.”

But a source familiar with the operation confirmed it was a key moment in the hunt for Zarqawi. “They had good information that Zarqawi and three of his top subordinates would be meeting there,” the source said.

“The house was surrounded and a firefight ensued. Tony was able to get into the house. Forensics indicated that Tony killed the three subordinates. A tunnel and blood which proved to be Zarqawi’s was found. He apparently blew the house up as he escaped.”

Joann said: “I asked everyone I could whether Tony’s death had anything to do with Zarqawi and was told, ‘Well, Zarqawi wasn’t in there’.”

Major Jim Gregory, a spokesman for Special Forces Command at Fort Bragg, said he had no information on Zarqawi’s alleged presence. “We don’t hold things back from the wives, but it’s not something we would be typically made aware of.”

Joann is hoping the military will consider awarding Yost a distinguished service medal for “exceptional performance of duty”. He has already been granted a silver star, bronze star and purple heart.

“I’d like to see my husband fully honoured,” she said. “It makes me more than proud to know he was on that mission.”
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Old 25 June 2006, 05:57
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It is easy to recognise the imflamatory rhetoric in this article.

But I ask that all who read this, refrain from posting comments about the media in this thread out of respect for the fallen.

Peace upon your family, Chief.
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Old 25 June 2006, 07:37
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RIP, You're with your maker now, prayers out for the safety of the his family.
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Old 25 June 2006, 14:15
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I am Honored To have been one of his students in 2003. He took good care of me at the Bravo course. Once again RIP, your a true Warrior.....
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Old 11 July 2006, 21:14
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I stumbled into this forum from a gun link and thought to browse..

I knew Tony Yost when he was a SSG in A 2/10 SFG at Ft. Carson. Good guy. Had his FFL and did no cost transfers for folks in the unit. Humorous to watch skiing, he always seemed to be covered in snow from head to toe like some big Sasquatch..

What he lacked in skiing skills, he more than made up for with accurate shooting skills. In Bosnia during one of the JCO rotations, Tony lived up in Brchko. We were driving the loop of JCO houses in country, visiting and making contact with everyone. As we drove up to his team's house, I noticed dead pigeons laying on the street in front of their house. One of the neighbors commented in broken English that there seemed to be a lot of dead birds around lately. I nodded, made my excuses, unloaded the rest of our junk and went in to the house.

Later, while visiting up on the 3rd floor of the house, I saw a couple of air rifles up against the wall and started to get an idea of how the pigeons were mysteriously dying. Tony and the others had been quietly working on their shooting skills out of the roof windows. Tony, being the gun guy that he was, led in the body count.

He really was a good shot, by the way. He worked at it on duty and off.

I left 2/10 SFG in '99, my branch manager concerned about me "Homesteading" in USASFC (Damn straight I was. The people in our BN made it well worth the time spent away), and lost contact with all but a few friends in Colorado.

Flash forward to somewhere around Thanksgiving last year. I was at work in our Hospital, surfing through the local Newspaper (Anadarko, OK) and saw the obit for a Soldier. Damned if it wasn't Tony Yost- Littlecalf (His family name from out west of Anadarko) looking uncomfortable in his A's.

It's sad to here of friends and acquaintances killed in the conflicts of current. MSG Michael "Fergie" Ferguson, another 2/10 guy, was killed in some sort of MVA over in Iraq. He had a daughter born within a month or so after my first daughter, we used to visit and talk trash about our babies.

I like to remember the fallen by the humorous times spent.

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