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Old 17 February 2002, 11:59
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You are correct, a case number or incident number will be generated for the 911 call, if it occured.


If you have any pins, plates, rods or screws, you are a no go for military duty.
Old 17 February 2002, 12:18
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Originally posted by Jeff Rambo

A picture of our wonderful BenningBOUND on, what he describes as, his New Years Eve "neighborhood watch patrol in full assualt gear." More like an exercise in stupidity.
That pic leads me to question the validity of his PT schedule. 7 mile ruck run? He looks a bit out of shape. The story is to complex and over thought. I seriously hope that he is telling the truth. In his run in with Battboy From Hell, I was glad to see him admit his foolishness. It takes more balls to admit error than to keep up the fight. This is psycho ex-girlfriend quality shit here.

If this is true, I hope the best for you in your recovery. If it's not, then you're one sad MF'er.
The hardest part about a zombie apocalypse will be pretending I'm not excited.
Old 17 February 2002, 14:31
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Originally posted by RifleMaster
San Jose is flat bay country. Where is this 150 foot cliff and fire trail? Back in the 70's, I lived in Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale is a city located next to San Jose.

Strange accident!



He said he was on Mt. Uminum which is almost 5000 ft in elevation. The National Weather Service has one of it's transmitters up there. Still, I don't see how it's possible to be ambushed by a bulldozer- moving or otherwise.
Old 17 February 2002, 14:49
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Thanks for the correction! I should have paid more attention, but, then life is only so long!


PS: This story is real hard to believe!
Old 17 February 2002, 15:30
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Um, yeah, I'm not backing BenningBound up on this one...
Old 17 February 2002, 17:35
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This is the Best Thread......EVER

Doctor Rambo....tisk, tisk...

All Images on this webpage are property of me Sk8tyrant. Please DO NOT re use without my express Written permission.

His EXCELLENT site specifically says you cannot use his pics without his express written permission. Naughty admin....spank-spank.

Best thing to do is call him up at the hospital and ask him

That post, his website, and that story about the bulldozer, just made my friggin week, and it's only Sunday night.

******, I think you should review his website and give us your esteemed opinion.

Tell ya what, if Para's calculations are correct, this story is either bullshit or he's completely exaggerating his injuries.

When you break a major bone, bad enough to need hardware (I'm talking from experience here):

1) They're not letting you out of any hospital till its fixed and the hardware has settled. End of story. I don't care who you played doctor in the bathtub with as a child. If you walked off and broke it worse, they'd probably sue themselves for being stupid;

2.) You're gonna be in so much pain, you're not going to want to move anywhere. You're sure as shit not gonna care about posting the bad news on a BBS where you've been a hazing target already. The pain you're in, having broken a bone bad enough to need hardware probably justifies a morphine drip (cool little box hooked to an IV with a button that recharges it self every hour....ahhhhhhh...memories). You're in la la can't type. You can't even see straight. They bring your laptop into the hospital morphine boy?Your hips broke, you're flat on your you typing like that? Someone holding the keyboard in front of your face? I know you're not letting your friends access this BBS and type for you because they'd see what a twat you've made of yourself.

3.) Nah, there ain't a 3. Its a crock. It smells like shit, looks like shit and feels like shit. Better not eat any.

-Kirk (think I'll run to the pub now with my 70lb rucksack......wish me luck...)
Old 17 February 2002, 17:44
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I leave for two days, and look at all the great shit I missed. Oh, this will be fun to watch. Odd that he hasn't posted for a while now though.

<---- Sitting back with a cool drink to watch the show. :)

Old 17 February 2002, 20:34
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Will you guys stop going over this idiot story like an episode of a morning Canadian soap opera! This guy is FULL of SHIT! Who cares about legal action. The guys a fag anyway. Sharkey already asked Rambo for Bendoverandbounds home number to set up a date....he really liked that Chicom AK and.....:D
Old 18 February 2002, 15:35
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Why hasn't this post been moved to humor?

Old 18 February 2002, 18:53
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Dude, are those rifles legal in California?
Old 18 February 2002, 20:13
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They are in EL PASO...Sharksters homey grounds. :D
Old 18 February 2002, 20:38
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Hahahahahaha.........he's out there in your neck of da woods dude. You can have him. I'll stick with los vatos ese.
Old 18 February 2002, 22:25
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You have the COOLEST avatar picture thingy of ALL!!!!
That frigging ROCKS! You are hereby promoted to porn star
status in the wonderful world of ******. You'll have to ask Hazen for his own blessing, but he's got his own little world. I can only make promotions in ******-land.

"my mommy says I'm strange"
Old 18 February 2002, 23:49
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All I can say is enlarge! And I'm not talking about the picture, either. :D
Old 19 February 2002, 00:38
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Hey guys, I died the other day, but they let me out of the morgue long enough to post this.

The other day I was fishing with TNT. After catching fish, I would generally throw them behind me in the boat. After about a case of Sammy Adams, I turned around to see how much I'd caught. I see this fish that is still flopping around in the back of the boat. I decided there on the spot to end it's suffering. I lit the fuse on the stick and tossed in onto the fish. What I failed to mention was the fish was sitting on top of the rest of the case of dynamite. Whoops. Anyway, the fish and wildlife guys finally ended up getting the rest of my body parts together at about 0500 or so and I asked them if I could post here just one last time so I could say good-bye. :D

Oh and real nice picture too.
We guard the rockets, we don't design or build them

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Old 19 February 2002, 09:07
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The Poop

So, whats the poop? Anyone successful on checking out the validity of this guys story?

Old 19 February 2002, 21:44
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MicrotechMike hangs out on the SWAT board. He's SJPD and should be able to resolve this.
Old 20 February 2002, 00:53
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PLEASE somebody find out about this. This is about the funniest shit I've ever heard about in my life. LMFAO!!!!:D
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"Always remain STOIC"
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Old 20 February 2002, 08:50
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Originally posted by Battboy From Hell
porn star status
Just fyi, I didn't take that pic. I found it on the internet.
None of the girls I've managed to surreptitiously photograph with the old webcam have been quite that hot. But I'll keep trying hahahahaha...
Old 20 February 2002, 12:20
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I took that pic and posted it on the internet...... wife was PISSED!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

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