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Originally Posted by Polypro View Post
An 8" CMMG is the same as a 7.5" 5.56 AR, size wise
Are they either/both considered SBRs by ATF? I always thought the CMMGs were ATF "pistols"....(?)
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Originally Posted by Dino0311 View Post
Only problem is then you have a pistol cartridge in a rifle footprint.
You also get higher velocity out of the PCC.

For example, my 45 Colt Redhawk with a 4 inch barrel throws my 310 Gr bullets at 1150 fps. That same load runs 1600 fps from my Rossi M92 16" lever gun.

When dealing with an angry 4 legged critter, that extra 450 fps is nothing to sneeze at.
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Originally Posted by Dark Helmet View Post
Are they either/both considered SBRs by ATF? I always thought the CMMGs were ATF "pistols"....(?)
If the Lower was never built as a rifle first, and you don't use a Rifle stock, it's either a Pistol (26" or less Overall Length) or a "Firearm" (26.x" or more) - both are A OK with the Crown. *State Laws may vary*

SBR's are Lower Receivers that were first built (by you, or the mfg) as a Rifle, with a Rifle Stock, and have a Barrel (either originally, or retro fitted by you) less than 16".

The CMMGs are awesome, because in addition to the Radial Delayed System, you can just buy the Upper separately, and put it on a Pistol or Firearm Lower you already have. They make a Magazine Insert for .223/5.56 PMAGS.

Obviously, if you just order a complete Banshee through an FFL, you will be buying a Pistol or Firearm and have to fill out the appropriate paperwork, do a NICS check, show a CPL, etc...
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