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Old 6 March 2020, 02:57
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Wife said the head was still partially attached so maybe John Holmes. Why I don’t know, but she handles the poultry slaughter. I don’t have the patience to pluck birds.
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Old 6 March 2020, 11:02
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Originally Posted by Sharky View Post
I now have 5 older hens, 12 younger hens, 1 old Rooster, and 2 young Roosters. For the past 3 months I have usually gotten one egg a day. Rarely two. Many times, none. Yesterday I got six! I guess maybe the warmer weather? I have no idea why they start and stop like that.

Last month I lost 15 guineas overnight to a coon who dug under the wire. Sumbitch killed every one of my guineas and didnt even eat them. I am now at war with the coons and the foxes.
I can help you with the coons. My grandfather's technique...

get 4-8 six foot 2 x 2s. Sharpen one end and drive them into the ground (minimum 18 inches) at least 10 feet from the chicken coop/yard.

Buy a can of sardines for each stake you drive. Open the sardines and chop them up then add rat poison to the sardines. Nail the EMPTY can to the top of each stake. Fill the can with the lethal mixture. If you near a water source, you're done- if not place a #2 wash tub full of water at least 20 meters away or at the limit of your yard.

The coons will climb the post for the sardines then take them to the water to 'wash' them, then eat them.

Make sure to keep your dogs away from the water!

Clean up any spills sardines each morning along with the dead coons...
Shallow men believe in luck; strong men believe in cause and effect
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Old 19 March 2020, 19:56
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A good dog on 24 hr security is your best bet. Owls are a pain. Family owned business that supports veteran's. Good people and great service. Wormer's and supplies
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