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Old 3 August 2020, 06:25
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- Faith involves believing in the veracity of the unprovable and unobservable, whether that consists of religion or theoretical physics, which at the very subatomic level start looking rather similar. -ET1/SS Nuke

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I am the Lord, and there is no other.
Isaiah 45:5
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Old 27 August 2020, 02:27
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I was certified thru SSI some 40 years ago. (PADI too)
SSI has some online learning now. So you can do some class work online at your own speed. Then, when you get to a dive shop they will check you out etc.
I am sure any class you go to as long as its SSI or PADI will teach you to be a safe diver.

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Old 28 August 2020, 20:16
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Update, I'm authorized to go diving (we fall under a different command), just not allowed to take certification classes. So in person classes are currently on hold. I'll look into the online classwork you mentioned Crna. I appreciate everyone's responses, and thanks for the links Purple.
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