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Old 22 June 2017, 04:59
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This Week in Western Snackbar-ing Activities

So while there are threads for the super-"spectacular" events, it seems the overall posting of these things are grinding to a halt. Whether that's due to ignorance of the events themselves, or some kind of apathy from reading about these things on almost a daily occurrence I cannot say.

Personally, since a lot of this stuff is forgotten over time and there seems an almost chronic recurring condition of only viewing these things within the context of the last few months (or year at most), I feel that it would be helpful to chronicle some of the lesser known skirmishes in the ongoing civilization war perpetrated by the invaders on their western victims.

So this ~week, I'll submit those that I have heard about and did NOT see mentioned anywhere else:

However, in a rather unshocking twist of events if you google "muslim terror attacks this week" the entire damn first page of google is focusing on the man who drove his van into the muslims in London.
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Old 22 June 2017, 05:09
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(Although living in EU, I was aware of those attacks the day they happened)
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