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Old 10 June 2015, 16:31
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This is exactly the thread I hoped to find, I am new to the forum and seeking info on my dad. I copied and pasted this from my inteo message.

Hello, first off I am not sure if my username is appropriate, so if it is inappopriate please have a moderator change. My name is Tim and I am outside Boston Ma I was recommended this site as I am looking for information on my dad, hopefully even find someone who served with him in Vietnam. He never, but for a few occasions talked about Vietnam, we knew almost nothing about his service. We know he was in the First of the Ninth in the Fishhook area, we recently found out he was awarded the Bronze Star. We are waiting on records now from National Archives. He didnt collect war memorbolia, we believe he also may have throw stuff out. In a bag of his uniform patches, which my mom is certain is his there was a patch that I was not familiar with, which of coursr I have researched since. It is a Recondo patch and I read that First Cav guys were among those who were selected / volunteered to attend the school. Thanks for approving me for this forum! Tim
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Old 13 October 2017, 14:12
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Originally Posted by Rockville View Post

EMERSON HENRY EVERETT EMERSON "Hank" A retired United States Army Lieutenant General, best known for being the commander of the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea during the mid-1970s when Colin Powell served as a battalion commander, passed away February 4, 2015.
Knew him well, was a buck sergeant Staff Chemical NCO when he was a battalion commander, 1/325 in the 82d (back in the colored T-shirt days). Renowned (?) for his invention and forced wear of the "yeti net" (a rolled-up piece of burlap tied to the back of the pistol belt, thus no poncho which you needed more).

I dropped by his office after my return from Vietnam (beret and all) 1970 when he was DCO of the 82d. He was most gracious, even remembered me, sent his aide out for coffee and we wasted an hour or so swapping war stories. I'd read about him in Vietnam but hadn't seen him since '65 or so (prior to Santo Domingo).

I remember him as Corps Commander too, seem to recall he got in trouble for spending unauthorized funds for that big rappelling tower / cargo net / whatever complex over by the road to Simmons AAF.

Also remember him being single for most of his career, until (rumor has it) someone told him he'd have to get a wife to get a star, so he married some Army nurse that had followed his assignments around for years. There were whispers and rumors about his long single time, but nothing solid. I was a good-looking (then) young guy in 1/325 S3, and he never made any moves on me :-) Despite us all getting drunk as lords in the battalion conference room one day (can't remember the occasion).
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