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Old 18 May 2013, 12:43
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Thanks for the info.. and pics. As a SOF SLJM it's always great to get other POV. I do admit, once I got Master Rated years ago, I stopped chasing SL jumps and now I'm barely maintaining currency as a SLJM.
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Old 18 May 2013, 18:40
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Originally Posted by CDRODA396 View Post
Me too! and since this vid (op) came out, we haven't had to tell the Studs quite as much to cover theirs up, a picture being worth a thousand words!
Sometimes good things come out of tragedy, even if it is funny and an individual event Just out of idle curiosity, I truly would like to see the new reserve's closure system.

Doubt anyone would want me to JMPI today.
Me, "Bet your life?" Jumper: "I'm good to go sir!". Me; "Board!". LMAO
What is best in life:"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women."
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Old 13 October 2017, 14:47
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Originally Posted by Stopp700 View Post
We would have a ton of foreign troops come thru Leapfest. We always JM'd them. Some of them were pretty scary. Like the Saudis one year when the JM told them to take off the saftey straps and the thought it ment go..... They went out at about 500' from a UH-1H... Pretty funny to see. None of them got hurt.
Yeah, there were lots of war stories around about Leapfests :-) I volunteered as ground controller for the couple of years I was at Toelz (marked by my distinctive and genyooine Mexican Serape), learned to "Check Seat Belts" in about six languages :-)

It was nice to have something useful to do, even if it was guiding in our Hueys to the baseball field (who knew exactly how to land but were very patient with me, regulations and all). Never had anyone walk into a tail rotor, so I guess it was okay :-)

It was funny to see which country's jumpers would dash to the PX and buy out all the Levi blue jeans :-) And the one year some rich Saudi tried to buy one NCO's very very pretty daughter :-)
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Old 13 October 2017, 20:58
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Jumpmaster at Toelz 1981

Hey Squiretoad, is this you ?
Or do you know who it is?

Original HALO Bunny helmet, jumpmaster for a CH-47 load.
December 1980 or January 1981.
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Old 13 October 2017, 22:00
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when I was a young kid we were at Ft Lee where they were doing demonstration of equipment being air dropped an troops, saw one individual that did a roman candle as it was called. Learned that he got raped up in his chute, we also had to leave the grand stands as the wind was send heavy equipment off course an it landed right on the grandstands
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Old 14 October 2017, 00:17
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Originally Posted by wildman43 View Post
Learned that he got raped up in his chute
Typo or not, that's a bad day.
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