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Old 2 January 2017, 23:36
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RIP Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz

Don Shipley announced on his Facebook that Navy SEAL, Richard Machowicz passed away today:

Machowicz was apparently diagnosed recently with a stage 4 brain tumor.

His WIKI bio:

According to his biography on the Discovery Channel's site,[2] "he participated in numerous tactical operations with SEAL Team ONE and TWO. While operating at SEAL Team TWO, he was a Naval Special Warfare Scout/Sniper, as well as being attached to the training cadre as the Leading Petty Officer of Land, Mountain and Arctic Warfare."

He was a certified instructor in the Naval Special Warfare Combat Fighting Instructor Course, as well as a Naval Special Warfare Scout/Sniper. He is a qualified expert in all US navy small arms.

Machowicz also served as a personal protection specialist for many high profile individuals within the political arena, business world and entertainment industry.

Rest Easy Warrior.
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Old 2 January 2017, 23:44
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Mack was a host of a couple different shows on Discovery and the Military Channel, and a good dude.

Rest easy, brother. See you at the ORP.
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Old 2 January 2017, 23:45
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Rest In Peace, Warrior! You will be missed!
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Old 2 January 2017, 23:48
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Rest Easy Frogman
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Old 3 January 2017, 01:43
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Old 3 January 2017, 01:57
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Old 3 January 2017, 03:05
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RIP Warrior.
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Old 3 January 2017, 05:32
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Old 3 January 2017, 06:08
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Old 3 January 2017, 07:08
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RIP Warrior. Thank you for your service.

When I first read this, I thought it said Richard Marcinko...
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Old 3 January 2017, 07:31
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RIP Warrior. Thoughts and prayers for his family and teammates.
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Old 3 January 2017, 08:53
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RIP Warrior.
AJ sends.

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month, we will remember them.

Lest We Forget.
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Old 3 January 2017, 09:09
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Thank you from a grateful nation, Lest we forget...........
( small bio from one of Mack's friends)

Please keep my friend "Mack" in your prayers. He was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer and has now completed his chemo treatment.. They said he had 2 weeks and its been 3 months now.. He is married to a great woman and has 2 daughthers; one who is 8 and the other 5.

You may mostly know him from the popular Discovery channel show, Futureweapons.. He paid great debts to his country and 2 of the 10 years he served as an Arctic SEAL.. -60 to -80 below temps and yes he volunteered for this.. He always treats everyone with great respect and never turns anyone away.. When I visited him the other day at his home, just a few days after brain surgery and him having difficultly walking normal, he still followed me all the way to the front door from upstairs and didn't close the door until I got in my car and left, just like he's always done...

I know cancer is no joke, but this guys attitude is EXACTLY why he was able to become a SEAL.. I first walked in and they could tell how nervous I was for him.. I literally felt sick to my stomach and he hugged me and said, "Don't worry man.. im going to be ok.. I live for this type of stuff.. the only thing I need now are some bullets flying at me and grenades going off..." -and laughed.. He said,
"I don't do sickly. Its not me."
Roger that!!

I'm very scared for him, despite living in Houston with world renowned cancer treatment here and great advances.. I see his daughters everyday when I pick mine up from school and think of the thoughts that must go through his mind. He told me when we talked, that the woods behind his house is where he is going to teach his girls to build a teepee, fires, and survival skills. I really hope to see that happening asap... He deserves it and so do those little girls..

So I say this to those not to be a jackass and especially to this new generation.. Take a page out of this mans book..
Even in the face of death and the possibility of your kids growing up without you, which im sure is the scariest thing of all, he still stands focused and positive even when thinking about leaving a wife behind, and simply just not being there... "Not being there sums it up!" This would be the hardest thing of all for him as he has ALWAYS made it a priority to show up whenever his team, friends, family, and even a stranger call upon him.. Take a page out of his book and STOP feeling sorry for yourself and realize that your attitude can and will define the person you are...
Thanks for all the great mantras you taught me MACK. My favorite being PAIN TO POWER!!!

So, OG brothers and sisters, Please send some prayers his way and even though im not very religious, there are no atheist in foxholes...

--Richard "MACK" Machowicz

--Richard "MACK" Machowicz
"And the fallen Angels took to flight transformed into fierce beasts, and fell upon their prey" Dante
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Old 3 January 2017, 10:14
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Losing too many to brain tumors and ALS. Rest easy Mack!
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Old 3 January 2017, 11:36
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Shit. Met him a few times, always a solid guy.
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Old 3 January 2017, 12:54
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Recently saw a video made by Don Shipley when he visited Mac, probably 2-3 months ago. Mac looked great, and had his usual gung-ho attitude. You could see the respect and love these SEALS had for each other. A great man, gone far to soon.

Cancer Sucks.

RIP warrior.
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Old 3 January 2017, 13:03
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RIP - Fair Winds and Following Seas. Fuck cancer!
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Old 3 January 2017, 13:14
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Old 3 January 2017, 14:39
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RIP warrior
BTDT Just marking time to Retire again....
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Old 3 January 2017, 14:49
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R.I.P. Warrior....

Fuck Cancer!
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