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Old 9 June 2013, 19:28
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Gents, been a while since my last post, just got back from country serving as a JTAC with a line company. Looks like I have orders to 3/11 out at 29 stumps. Of course my NMCI account is disabled from being on deployment, why wouldn't it be, so I haven't yet been able to make liaison with anyone out there or even my monitor but a few questions.
1. Does anyone know how the JTAC shop is set up out there? On the east coast here we have the JTACs consolidated at regiment level, so I wonder if I'm going to fill a normal arty billet at 3/11 Or if they have their own JTAC section due to being the only arty bn at the base.
2. I didn't make contact with my monitor while overseas, and trying to get the computer account back online so I can ask him direct, but do any experienced USMC guys know whether or not, since I have web orders dropped for oct, is it too late to try and get over to MARSOC as a JTAC or will I have to execute this PCS and wait till my next rotation.

Thanks in advance,
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Old 11 June 2013, 03:36
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If you are interested in getting in with MARSOC as a JTAC I can get you in contact with the 1stSgt incharge of the support side of the house. Let me know if you are interested.
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