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Old 31 August 2015, 16:49
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What Psyop Officers Do

Hi guys,
I'm a 91A00 looking at dropping an ARSOF packet. My plan is to list SF first then Psyops, and CA last. Where I went to college we had alot of SF guys as instructors so I feel more informed on what the 18A really does and what the Q-course can entail, at least what the general guidelines are. But despite my searching the internet and reading what SORB's website offers I still do not feel as informed as I would like. I just want to make a good informed decision. That and I heard from multiple folks that if you make it through SF Selection but do not get selected for their Q-Course guys have been offered other branches of ARSOF. So just trying to get an understanding on what the officers actually do in Psyops, what assignments are available, and whatever else the community has to throw at me.
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Old 31 August 2015, 17:10
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Try calling the SF, PSYOP, and CA branch managers. That's their job, to keep you squared away and informed. Getting to actually speak with them can be maddening, but the squeaky wheel and all...

Simply making it through SFAS doesn't get you branched, SF... you've gotta be accepted, and then do the Q. No guarantee at all that a SFAS washout will get a shot at some other SOF job... and why should they? The washout is, well, a washout. So I'd say that what you heard about other branches like CA or PSYOP queuing up to offer you a branch transfer and a job is probably wrong.

Drop your packet, get a SFAS class date, and go be all you can be.

But first, start preparing yourself. You're an Officer, and should be asking smarter questions than these.


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Old 3 September 2015, 09:42
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The Officers and NCOs in our regiment do very similar jobs, yet very different. If you elect to go PSYOP (recognize the no "s") you'll have to attend our 10 day selection at Mackall. It's not easy, but you will be assessed based on the needs and attributes a PSYOPer needs to have.

The assignments can be based upon the language you receive training in. Got Spanish? You might go to our SOUTHCOM BN. Russian? Our EURCOM BN, etc etc etc. We do have a tactical BN dedicated to performing JCETs and supporting other SOF Elements within DOD.

In a basic nutshell: Regional teams deploy to embassies, Tactical teams deploy with ODAs, SEAL Plts, or the 75th RR.

There are pros and cons to each branch within ARSOF. As a PSYOP Officer you'll be able to attend the high speed driving and shooting courses, advanced commo classes, advanced medical training, more shooting schools, Ranger School, Pathfinder, and the list goes on. But at the end of the day these do not make you a better PSYOPer, learning your craft and applying it well will set you above your peers. We're the smallest/youngest of the ARSOF regiments, so in alot of ways we're still growing.
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