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Old 6 April 2017, 14:00
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Sorry, but fuck those kids. I know I know, I'm a fucking asshole of monumental proportions. But they aren't ours. I view them as nothing more than the larval stage of stinging venomous insects. I've long lost my empathy towards those shits. Especially when you realize that the little fuckers everyone was crying about 20 years ago are now the same ones raping their way across Europe right now.

I do not believe Assad is gassing those fuckers. There's no reason to up the ante like that. He's winning. They are losing. The rebels are the ones who have everything to gain from a move like this. JUST like last time they tried to pull the wool over our eyes. So fuck them. And even if Assad was gassing them (which I highly doubt he is) I still wouldn't give a shit. Mo' Muslims, Mo' problems. Just another day in the ME.
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Old 6 April 2017, 14:09
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Originally Posted by Gray Rhyno View Post
Lots of theories out there about the ability of the Sahel region to support XXX number of people, how the whole early-80s "Aid for Africa"-thing fucked that up by allowing many more to live to adulthood than could realistically be supported, and the result 10 years later was thousands of young men with no purpose in life or means of support, willing to join militias and kill innocents.
The Green Revolution and stupid "white man's burden" syndrome are responsible for all that shit. The locals have proven themselves incapable of sustaining proper agricultural infrastructure (see: Zimbabwe et al). So they get to a certain point and trip the Malthusian circuit breaker, and have some mass famine. Every 15 years like clockwork. Then the airwaves of the western world are filled with little skeleton bodies, which causes that terminal illness afflicting all westerners (empathy and suicidal altruism) to flare up in the females and little latte-sippin fuck-boi's tiny brains........resulting in them spending dollar after countless dollar shipping rice and beans to those places and keeping them alive. All preventing the natural equilibrium of the area from returning to its normal state.

Rinse repeat, and get prepared for the next famine of these people in 2030.
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Old 6 April 2017, 16:16
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Military and the State Department are now confirming that they saw the Syrian Air Force launch the gas attack in Idlib province.
"Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Of course that lets in the crackpots, but if you can't tell a crackpot when you see one, you oughta be taken in." Harry Truman
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