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Old 25 May 2009, 11:04
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I'm very interested to pick this one up, sounds good.

I'm just now finishing up "All the Shah's Men" which gives a great account of what was going on during the 50s...the Anglo-Iranian oil company, Iran's nationalization of the oil industry and the subsequent Coup headed up by the CIA.
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Old 15 June 2019, 19:31
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I finally started watching the movie version of The Looming Towers on hulu..

Jeff Bridges and Peter Skarsgaard cast as FBI and CIA station chiefs I believe.

Interesting so far..
No matter.
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Old 21 June 2019, 21:48
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AJ Venter's book, Iran's Nuclear Options, is still good.
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Old 22 June 2019, 04:04
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Another interesting book is Inside the Danger Zone: The U.S. Military in the Persian Gulf by Harold Lee Wise (2013).

Has an interesting discussion of Operation Praying Mantis when the Navy hit Iranian oil platforms in the Gulf that were used as bases by the Iranian Navy
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