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Old 29 June 2017, 19:03
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May they all Rest in Peace. All of those brothers that went in to not let other brothers alone.
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Old 29 June 2017, 19:17
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Gone but never forgotten.... Fair winds and following seas and Rest In Peace gents.
NSA/CSS National Cryptologic Memorial - They Served In Silence

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Old 2 July 2017, 00:10
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Never forgotten, RIP war fighters.
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Old 27 December 2017, 04:09
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You are sorely missed, Groove. To all, blue skies and RIP
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Old 28 June 2018, 13:00
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Hoist one today for those that gave the ultimate sacrifice 13 years ago today. Rest In Peace Warriors, Never forgotten.
Originally Posted by Gsniper View Post
I'd shoot a chipmunk if it kicked my door in wearing a ski mask.
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Old 28 June 2018, 13:01
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May they all continue to Rest In Peace! Lest we forget....
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Old 28 June 2018, 15:29
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Originally Posted by Frog View Post
I still remember little Shane when he was 3. His Dad & I were on the Leapfrogs together in 86.
Ha! No kidding. I live in Las Vegas and my mother is in Boulder City, where Shane's father lives/lived. I was at the bar the night they buried Shane - his father was there as well.

Never forget.
bravodelta: "If they start taxing lapdances, I think I'll call it quits and become a chaplain."
Chaplain: "God moves in mysterious ways...", but ... well.... uhh... welcome aboard!
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Old 28 June 2018, 21:58
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Rest In Peace Warriors
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Old 28 June 2018, 22:03
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Toasting tonight...
All of the Nightstalkers, and....
The One

RIP Frogs and ‘Crews
"Until Jesus gets into the gun business, there will never be a perfect gun.” - Will Larson (iraqgunz) RIP.
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Old 28 June 2019, 21:31
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Rest in Peace Heros! You are not forgotten.
Lost one to lost three......are you lost too.
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