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Old 13 February 2018, 01:47
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Den of Theives

Good crime drama about a crew that robs banks and some LA detectives trying to catch them. The crew is led by 2 former MARSOC Marines. Lots of weapons and shooting. A 240 even makes a cameo!
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Old 13 February 2018, 12:40
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It was almost like a 2018 version of "Heat".

Good, entertaining flick, 7.5/10...
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Old 13 February 2018, 22:38
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Warning: Grumpy Old Man Review. I thought there were just too many similarities between Heat (1995) and Den of Thieves. I grew up in the South Bay(Torrance, Hawthorne and Gardena and I graduated from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy 30 years ago. Unlike Gerard Butler's character(O Brien) I actually went to South High in Torrance and played outside Linebacker on the football team.

The entire Elite Bank Robbers being chased by a specialized LASD Unit with a troubled Lt who has problems with the wife(sounds like Al Pacino's character in Heat) looks like it was lifted from the original Michael Mann movie. Also, the first Armed Car Robbery and the firefight with military style weapons in the city were the same as Heat. The only thing that was interesting was the Twist at the end.

It wasn't a bad "Shoot Em Up" type of movie but the story was not original. To this day I still recall one of the best lines ever said in a movie: "Never get attached to anything you aren't willing to drop in 30 seconds flat because you never when the Heat will be around the corner" (Neil MacCauley as portrayed by Robert De Niro). End of Grump Old Man Review and I offer my apologies.
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Old 13 February 2018, 23:13
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Ugh. This movie. Tons of plot holes, which I won't go into due to spoilers. The filming, characters, and gunfights were well done, though.

I feel like it could have been better had it made more sense (like HEAT, which is well plotted, which is ironic considering all the plot holes later found in Mann's remake of Miami Vice).
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