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Old 3 January 2018, 11:51
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History Channel. Knights Templar show.....four episodes in. Pretty good so far. Recommended.
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Old 3 January 2018, 11:55
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I like it so far though I wish there were more action and battle scenes & less soap opera type drama. Will continue to watch and recommend.
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Old 3 January 2018, 16:36
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I like it as well. It will need more intrigue developed by seasons end to carry over into S2, but so far it is decent.
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Old 19 January 2018, 14:01
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Definitely enjoying it, esp as a Mason. Like Vikings, it's got just enough history to support some great story writing.
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Old 19 January 2018, 19:25
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Honestly I saw one episode and deleted it from my computer. Almost took a magnet to the hard drive just to make sure it was gone. Didn't enjoy it at all and thought it to be wildly inaccurate, almost to the point of propaganda, from what I know of history. To sum it up, I felt as though one hour of my precious life had been sucked from my body --- like that scene in Princess Bride. The entire series should be a crime and the people that made it trussed up and flensed on a Japanese fishing boat by a gang of smelly fisherman.
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Old 19 January 2018, 19:35
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It's just a TV show. Hopefully you've never had a wife/GF ask you if they look fat in a dress. lol
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Old 19 January 2018, 20:15
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Old 22 January 2018, 10:45
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DirtyDog lives his life to be disgruntled. Lighten up Francis!

I'm adding this one to the list.
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Old 3 November 2018, 13:21
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The wife and I binged the whole season last week. She's clearly got the hots for Landry. I really enjoyed this. And I am very interested in Templars history. Sucks that there is no second season. I was wondering if they were going to get to one of the myths behind "Friday the 13th".
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Old 3 November 2018, 14:43
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Originally Posted by usmc_3m View Post
The wife and I binged the whole season last week.
I did the same thing two weeks ago when it showed up in my "recommended" list on netflix..

I thought it was pretty well done.. I definitely enjoyed it..
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Old 5 November 2018, 10:36
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My wife looked at me four minutes in the first Episode and said "those CGI fireballs are gay and the acting sucks. Change it."

So we went back to Norsemen which is still proving to be fucking hilarious.

maybe I'll give it ago when she's doing something else like laundry.
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