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Originally Posted by claymore36 View Post
There are supplements called nootropics that increase neuroplasticity as well. Some increase BNDF, receptor density, modulates receptors, and increases/decreases neurotransmitters circulating in your brain. You can take antioxidants to decrease the rate you lose neurons from age, diet, and stress too. I take high dosages of two very powerful antioxidants that are called stilbebes. One is Resveratrol and the other is pterostilbene. Both of these have multiple benefits outside of neuroplasticity.
Some other good ones that are cheap are: Agmatine Sulfate, Creatine Monohydrate (yup, it's a brain supp too), L-Tyrosine, any form of Choline (Bitartrate is the cheapest), Bacopa Monnieri, and Vinpocetine.

BulkSupplements or Wholesale Health Connection on Amazon for the first four powders, and Bad Monkey Botanicals for the last two herbals. A lot of natural "Noots" need to be taken continuously over a long period to "work" - all those ^ are cheap enough for lifetime use, especially the first four.

Huperzine-A is another, but like some of the -racetams, it should be limited to about twice a week for acute use before a big task.
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