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Old 13 July 2017, 14:30
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Linguist/Translator Job Opportunities


I was just contacted by the Secretary of State for our state, who was reaching out hoping I had some contacts for him. Prior to becoming SoS, he was contracting with the State Dept. (he's an attorney, former West Pointer and JAG officer) helping the Afghans set up their govt. The Afghan attorney who was his right-hand man is now here in the states and they are looking for linguistic/translation work while he studies to take the bar exam here. My agency requires full citizenship and three years US residency before hiring, which he doesn't have yet. If anyone has any direct contacts for linguist/translator opportunities (L3 Communications, Leidos, etc.) you could shoot my way, I'll forward them along. Thanks in advance!
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Old 13 July 2017, 18:27
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Should be plenty of work for him in Northern VA. Someone will surely be along shortly.
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Old 13 July 2017, 18:58
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Sending you a PM as soon as I get home.
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