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Old 22 January 2002, 22:17
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check SF article, "Karzai, A Team turned tide of war" at

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Old 28 May 2015, 12:15
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It appears that LtCol Amerine, mentioned in the above article (link attached) is being investigated. "I have been under criminal investigation for the last four months for whistleblowing to Congress over our completely dysfunctional system for recovering hostages,” Col. Amerine said.

The .gov excoriates Snowden for not "whistle blowing" to Congress and now Big Army/DOD is conducting a criminal investigation to LtCol Amerine for doing just that. What a clusterfuck.
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Old 28 May 2015, 23:33
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I met with Jason a few years ago in Hawaii for work and this just infuriates me...if what this article states is true, it's completely messed up. Just how do you investigate someone for working with U.S. lawmakers to benefit US hostages? Makes me ashamed of the Army.
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Old 2 September 2015, 14:39
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This was interesting article about Jason Amerine but I don't understand why a soldier doing his job becomes a political battle between government agencies.

the guy was doing good work for the US and following his orders.

Amerine’s team at the Pentagon began by conducting a thorough audit. “The reason the effort failed for four years,” he told the Senate in June, “was because our nation lacked an organization that can synchronize the effort of all our government agencies to get our hostages home.” His team “also realized that there were civilian hostages in Pakistan that nobody was trying to free, so we added them to our mission.”

That last point was a not-so-subtle jab. Amerine’s “nobody” was and is the FBI, the agency responsible for U.S. citizens kidnapped abroad. His Army team had access to a vast human intelligence network the military had spent more than a decade assembling in central Asia, in countries where the FBI had little reach. He wasn’t convinced the bureau was making progress, so he added the civilian cases, including two Canadians, to his recovery mission.
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