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Old 12 September 2019, 19:26
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If you're just bowling for fun right now at the same bowling alley every week, ask the person in the pro shop what's the best ball for the average oil pattern they use (outside of leagues and tournaments, they're usually pretty consistent). Then see if he has any used balls that come close to his recommendations. They can re-drill it to your hand size, and it'll cost a fraction of a new ball. If you decide to stick with it, then you can upgrade your ball accordingly. Other than that, DH's advice is solid.

Justaclerk: My bowling team's name used to be Over the Line (we're a bit loud), and the back of our shirts had a picture of Walter drawing down on Smokey.
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Old 12 September 2019, 19:47
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Originally Posted by Gsniper View Post
I just keep having scenes of Roy Munson's landlord from Kingpin in my head. Thanks.
Fucking not funny. :-p >
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Old 12 September 2019, 20:48
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Old 12 September 2019, 21:01
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2 words: bum-pers.
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Old 12 September 2019, 21:27
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You must watch “The Big Lebowski” at least three times and absorb and apply all lessons regarding bowling to your game.
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Old 12 September 2019, 21:56
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...never roll on Shabbos
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Old 13 September 2019, 07:31
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This is great advice coming from you guys. Even the not so serious advice was expected and read. I will let you know results as I get better.
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Old 14 September 2019, 09:13
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I am ambidexterous and bowl some pickups better with my left (non-dominant) hand. Have done this since I was a child as all we did during the summers on base was the pool, the bowling alley or the movies...ahhhh, memories. Anyways, it was not until college when I joined the league that my team received a warning during a tournament. Reason being, I just switched hands so often that no one really paid attention...the other team did. They called foul and the ruling was if I was going to switch hands then I had to have a handicap for each hand, and when I switched, the handicap had to be entered...and basically it was a freaking complicated mess to ultimately, I just bowled right handed.

Just an interesting side bar since so many here seemed to be into the lane talk. As for advice, you already got the good stuff above from others to start with.
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Old 14 September 2019, 13:05
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I just bought (part of) a bowling alley... a 10' chunk of lane for use as a workbench. Pretty damn heavy...!
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Old 15 September 2019, 00:32
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Originally Posted by Gray Rhyno View Post
Have the lane operators raise the rail guards that go over the gutters. That should really increase your score no matter what type of ball you use.

Couldn't resist.
what you are saying is put the bumpers in the gulley, so the ball stays in the lane. I use to love doing that with my grands kids, but they always beat me.
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Old 15 September 2019, 23:41
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Originally Posted by B 2/75 View Post
I just bought (part of) a bowling alley... a 10' chunk of lane for use as a workbench. Pretty damn heavy...!
You dont really need that do you? I'll come and take it off your hands.
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