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Headshot 10 January 2012 08:55

RIP - TripWire
It is with great sadness I bring news of the passing of Thomas Regan aka Tripwire. I don't know the details of his passing but he will be missed by many.
Thomas was in his late 80's and did more than most will do in 3 lifetimes.

He was a true Soldier, with duty in Korea and Japan, as a Ranger and as a SF Engineer, a Patrol Officer and a SWAT Leader, diver, and Admin officer in the Seattle Area.

Rest easy Warrior, you've earned it along with the respect of many. You will be missed by all who had the privilege of interacting with you even at the slightest level.

RGR.Montcalm 10 January 2012 08:57


Rest easy Thomas

Thanks for your service to this Nation and for showing the rest of of the way...

Seanmcd82 10 January 2012 08:58

RIP TripWire

GirlwithaGlock 10 January 2012 08:58

RIP, Sir.

Jimbo 10 January 2012 09:00


Papa Smurf 10 January 2012 09:02

Rest Easy Warrior, you have earned it!

godfather 10 January 2012 09:18


RedDawg_03 10 January 2012 09:19


Baildog 10 January 2012 09:25

Ah, that is horrible news. He skyped me in Afghanistan, just to chat, which was always great. Truly a sad day and a significant loss for SOCNET, his family, and all who met him.


SOTB 10 January 2012 09:29



FinsUp 10 January 2012 09:30

RIP, thank you for your service.

BackInTheDay 10 January 2012 09:40

RIP. We were blessed to have the perspective of such a man on this site.

Scotty 10 January 2012 09:50

RIP, Sir. We've definitely lost a great man.

Ole crusty bastard 10 January 2012 09:51

Rest in peace.

Mars 10 January 2012 09:54

Rest in Peace, Warrior! You shall surely be missed! Sad day.

TechGuy 10 January 2012 09:58

RIP sir thanks for your service

Atekomi 10 January 2012 10:02

RIP Sir!

Highspeed160th 10 January 2012 10:03


Soot 10 January 2012 10:07


Viking 10 January 2012 10:34

RIP, Sir.

Thank you for leading the way.

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