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Silverbullet 13 July 2021 10:30

Karl Fee, AKA "Lefty"
Our Brother Lefty passed away on 1 June 2021.

Karl was born to Richard and Barbara Fee in Lancaster, Pa. He grew up in Brown Deer, graduated from Grandville High School, and received his BA from UW-Madison.

Karl served as an US Army officer from 1968 to 1972 and was a combat veteran of Vietnam, BDQ (Biet Dong Quan) 1970-1971, Special Forces and course qualified 1969-1970, Ranger School, class 13-70.

Karl’s career was in banking, retiring from M&I Marshall & Isley Bank in 2005. He retired to Ladysmith, building his dream log home using timber from his land.

He is survived by his wife, Lori; children; Jennifer, Eric, Katie (Shaun) Coates and Diana; proud Papa to Delaney and Addison Coates. Also survived by his brother Jonathan (Joan) Fee, sister-in-law Gail Lee, along with nieces and nephews.

Karl was preceded in death by his parents; brother, Paul and daughter, Heather.

Karl loved spending quality time on his hunting land, taking long walks watching all the nature and trying to outwit the squirrels. He could devour a book in a short amount of time, all while standing, and loved the challenge of his New York Times Crosswords. He took being a Papa Bear seriously; building a log fort, giving tractor rides, pulling the girls through the snow with the tractor, playing games and coming up with clever plans on how to create more mischief.

Prior to his passing he posted aobut his Ranger and Special Forces experience, particularity his VN advisor assignment.


YouTube video memorial: [url][/url]

Silverbullet 15 August 2021 10:12

2 Attachment(s)
Some pics.


fy0834 15 August 2021 10:56

Mr Fee’s last writings were an inspiration and personal reflection on what was a very special time during his life.

May he Rest In Peace and comfort be with his family.

ABigDoor 15 August 2021 11:26

RIP Lefty, you left a hell of an impression and legacy. I can't imagine how much the people in your life miss you.

8654maine 15 August 2021 11:29

RIP Lefty.

sixgun 15 August 2021 13:45

RIP Lefty, see you at the ORP

bigsapper 15 August 2021 14:06

RIP, Sir.

Baildog 15 August 2021 14:31

Rest Easy, Lefty.
Thank you for your service. Your presence will be missed.

Gray Rhyno 15 August 2021 15:45

RIP Lefty.

You'll be missed.

Top0321 15 August 2021 15:48

RIP Lefty.

Blackjack78 15 August 2021 15:56

RIP Lefty.

just11b 15 August 2021 16:22

Rest In Peace, Warrior.

Armitage12 15 August 2021 17:40

R.I.P. May the loved ones and family find solace.

Xenonburnout 15 August 2021 18:09

Rest In Peace Lefty

Expatmedic 15 August 2021 18:15

RIP, Lefty.

I have few regrets in life, but not meeting men like this is one of them.

H60Gunner 15 August 2021 18:31


Saw7616 15 August 2021 19:32

Rip Sir

Remington Raider 15 August 2021 19:42

close to home. For the record, it is Granville (northwest side)


Mars 15 August 2021 19:45

Rest In Peace, Lefty! I do indeed miss seeing your wisdom on here. You are sorely missed!

wildman43 15 August 2021 20:15

May he Rest In Peace and comfort be with his family.

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