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The Fat Guy 24 April 2020 15:33

Operation Eagle Claw - 40 Years Ago
40 Years ago today, eight of our Brothers gave their lives in an attempt to save 52 hostages from the Iranian Embassy in Tehran. Due to a lack of operational rotary wing aircraft, Operation Eagle Claw was aborted by President Jimmy Carter on the advice of the ground commander. During their exfiltration, two aircraft collided, killing eight members of the team.

Rest Peacefully, Gents. You are not forgotten.

Dark Helmet 24 April 2020 17:50

Rest easy, gents.

The list of guys that went on that mission reads like a "who's who" in the community.

SF_BHT 24 April 2020 18:08

Rest In Peace Brothers..... you will never be missed.....

1RiserSlip 24 April 2020 18:23

RIP warriors.
Many legends in that Operation.

bigsapper 24 April 2020 19:16

Rest in Peace.

I graduated High School in 1980 and remember this well. It fundamentaly influenced my future career path.

CPTAUSRET 24 April 2020 19:25

Real shame...God Bless them all.

usmc_3m 24 April 2020 20:44

Rest Easy, Warriors. You are not forgotten.

Mars 24 April 2020 20:47

May their sacrifices never be forgotten!

Rest In Peace, Warriors.

Fu King Lawyer 24 April 2020 20:56

Pete always carried a photo of DO.
He said, don't confuse enthusiasm with capabilities.
RIP Gents.
You led the way to where we are, today.

Steve788 24 April 2020 21:49

[QUOTE=Fu King Lawyer;1058858551]
You led the way to where we are, today.

Indeed...TF-160, 160th,
sacrifices in vain.

just11b 24 April 2020 22:08

Rest In Peace, Warriors!

agonyea 25 April 2020 04:03

Lest we forget.....

Hot Mess 26 April 2020 10:07


Hot Mess 26 April 2020 10:09

[QUOTE=Dark Helmet;1058858505]Rest easy, gents.

The list of guys that went on that mission reads like a "who's who" in the community.[/QUOTE]

100%. Impressive careers to say the least.

Hot Mess 26 April 2020 11:02

I got this from an Eagle Claw participant.

[QUOTE] To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) and OPERATION EAGLE CLAW -- HISTORY CHANNEL, Cabin Creek Films, and Greenwich Entertainment have partnered with SOWF to offer a sneak preview of DESERT ONE. Coming to theaters soon. Please note that the documentary contains graphic footage.

Below is a secure link and password to access and view the documentary. Due to copyright and security considerations, this link will expire on Tuesday April 28 at 10AM ET. If you cannot view the documentary in that time frame, or if you have any difficulties accessing the film, please email Development [/QUOTE]

Stopp700 26 April 2020 11:18

Where's the link?

Glebo 29 April 2020 08:58

The new 18E SF Commo SGT courses' bldg is memorialized for one of the participants. Mike Kalua. He was a commo guy on the mission, a survivor as well. He was also a good friend.

It's now the Kalua Communications Training Facility :biggrin:

Top0321 25 April 2021 15:06

Bump. Yesterday was the 41st Anniversary of Eagle Claw, RIP Gentlemen. I was searching for something else earlier and came across this YT video posted by SOCOM last year. 'They had the guts to try'.


Glebo 25 April 2021 15:43

Good reminder...Who shall I send....send me.....

Spinner 25 April 2021 18:45


For some reason, a photograph of TSgt Mayo, a crewmember aboard the C-130 who perished, sticks out. It was him off duty, leaning over a grill at a cookout in happier times.

That photo I saw in one of the newspaper reports just stuck with me.

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