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Steve40th 30 June 2019 15:20

RIP Will..

Attila175 30 June 2019 15:36

Rest In Peace.

Dino0311 30 June 2019 16:23

This is sad news. Will walked me through so many AR issues via ******** messenger. He was a very busy guy who gave generously of his time and knowledge. We spoke recently about his upcoming class in Vermont.

kpel308 30 June 2019 16:33

I worked with Will at Camp Nowhere up in Kunduz.

Fair winds and a following sea. :(

johnnylaw 30 June 2019 16:36

If any of you are inclined to make a donation, it would be appreciated.


CAAT0331 30 June 2019 17:30

Rest in peace.

hawkdrver 30 June 2019 17:44

[QUOTE=Sharky;1058802432]Another reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed.[/QUOTE]

No kidding.

How old was he?

Shadow 30 June 2019 17:53


No kidding.

How old was he?[/QUOTE]

His profile indicates 49 y/o...

ussfpa 30 June 2019 18:00

Rest well Brother.

Sigi 30 June 2019 18:07

So sorry to hear of his passing. RIP Will.

meatpaws 30 June 2019 18:12

RIP brother. It’s a great thing to have his words saved here.

cj 30 June 2019 18:25

RIP, Will. Thoughts and prayers out to family and friends.

SN 30 June 2019 18:45

Great guy, I took his class in San Antonio.

Maverick 30 June 2019 18:58

Damn! RIP Will, I enjoyed our talks and your work. This wasn't what I expected to see today.

Saw7616 30 June 2019 19:19

Rip. Gunz

GackMan 30 June 2019 19:31

Damn... I didnít see that coming.

Rest In Peace Will.

MacDuff 30 June 2019 21:12

RIP, brother

Sierra290 30 June 2019 21:52

RIP Will.

MixedLoad 30 June 2019 23:34

Rest In Peace, IG.

smp52 1 July 2019 01:38

RIP, Iraqgunz.

ronix 1 July 2019 02:44


10thvet 1 July 2019 04:25

Just an FYI, Gunz was art of the BW family. There is a fundraising link for him on the alum page

I can post it here however a quick google search should find it.

hile 1 July 2019 06:20

I only took his class once, and I almost certainly felt like I was drinking from a firehose. I was looking forward to taking it again to fill in the gaps that I had missed.

RIP brother, you taught us so much collectively. I, for one, will continue to preach the Gospel: State your Castle Nut!

Bryan 1 July 2019 08:21

I always enjoyed his insights on here, especially when dealing with weapons issues(as a fellow gun plumber, though nowhere near his caliber). Rest in Peace sir. Too young...

Doc P 1 July 2019 08:33

Godspeed Will.

CV 1 July 2019 08:49

Wow. Rest in peace, brother. My condolences to his family and friends. Definitely a shocker and reminder of how much life is just a vapor.

dustyrebel 1 July 2019 09:33

RIP. Damn what a shock to read this.......

Polypro 1 July 2019 10:39

RIP dude.

leopardprey 1 July 2019 10:39

Rest In Peace. Shocking news. :mad:

Dark Helmet 1 July 2019 12:28

Super guy. Wow. Too young.

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