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fy0834 21 July 2017 10:17

Cass took the time to send an email and words of encouragement when our son graduated BUDS.
He was a class act IMO.

I often think about him ... not really knowing him.

RIP, sir.

trident86 11 August 2017 21:23

Possible repost for those who missed it: [url][/url]

AZ5326 12 August 2017 03:51

[QUOTE=trident86;1058665501]Possible repost for those who missed it: [url][/url][/QUOTE]

Thanks for posting this. So cool. Cass was a part of our history, our DNA. We were blessed to have him here on SOCNET. Miss him posting here every day.

Tackleberry 12 August 2017 09:08

Great video. Such a fine gentleman. A very modest man.

God bless him.

The Fat Guy 12 August 2017 09:24

Cass was the consumate Quiet Professional.

shady1 12 August 2017 09:35

What a great way to start my day. Highly inspirational and motivating. Thanks for the post Trident.

Mingo Kane 12 August 2017 09:51

They broke the mold when men like Ken was made...such a fine gentleman in every sense of the word.

Xenonburnout 12 August 2017 13:17

[QUOTE=Mingo Kane;1058665576]They broke the mold when men like Ken was made...such a fine gentleman in every sense of the word.[/QUOTE]
I only exchanged a few PM's with him and his posts were always an example of the above. His humble sageness is missed by me and I am sure most everyone here. The video was a great tribute.

CA SGT 12 August 2017 13:25

I miss sitting down for our occasional lunch and storytelling. He was a real treasure.

leopardprey 12 August 2017 15:02

Sure do miss Cass, his posts and several PMs we shared as well. He was a man of adventure and wisdom. He is much missed and was the "Grandfather" figure of SOCNET.

Look. Don'tTouch. 12 August 2017 21:45

We stopped by last month(around the one year mark) and got to see his permanent marker and pay our respects. My kids asked why it was so important. I told them about what an honorable man he was and how he served his country in the most awesome ways. They asked a lot of questions and I did my best to answer what I could. They were genuinely interested. I think they get it.

Thank you Cass. You leave a wake of admiration and honor that will continue into the future. My children will teach their children this same level of respect. You have made such an impression on so many that will last so long.

I am very grateful for Socnet, as without it I would not have the privilege to interact with such outstanding men and learn so much and gain such perspective on so many aspects of life. Thank you Socnet, for making it possible for my family to get a glimpse into a world they would otherwise be blind to. I appreciate being allowed to be a guest in this house of yours. God bless.

RobCVN68 13 August 2017 21:50

Thanks T86. I've often wanted to put A voice to this amazing man.

usmc_3m 14 August 2017 14:04

Wow. I saw this video years ago. I never connected the dots that this was Cass until now. Thanks for re-sharing this Trident86.
And continue to RIP, Cass. Your legacy will endure.

usmc_3m 9 November 2017 23:25

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Paid my respects to Ken/Cass today. Was in the area for work, so I had to make the trip. Continue to RIP, Frogman.

Gray Rhyno 10 November 2017 18:40

[QUOTE=usmc_3m;1058684075]Paid my respects to Ken/Cass today.[/QUOTE]
Thank you.

Polypro 11 November 2017 10:10

RIP. Thanks for the pic.

Linda1961 12 November 2017 04:10

I will never forget him. Thanks for the picture. He had one hell of a life.

hawkdrver 12 November 2017 04:27

[QUOTE=trident86;1058665501]Possible repost for those who missed it: [url][/url][/QUOTE]

Had not seen this, thanks. Very fitting day to watch it.

Gigi 27 December 2017 03:37

RIP, Ken. You were always so kind to me.

Hoepoe 27 December 2017 04:30

[QUOTE=trident86;1058665501]Possible repost for those who missed it: [url][/url][/QUOTE]

Thank you Sir. I had not seen this.


67 Fastback 12 January 2018 13:48

Cass...Iím sitting in China, far from our home country, but...what an amazing man. Thereís nothing I can say. I vanished for several years and people that I learned from, left us. I respect all of you immensely. Cass...fair winds, and following seas.

JohnG 5 March 2018 02:05

RIP Cass..Thank you for all the contributions and sacrifices you made throughout your long career.
'Fair Winds and Following Seas, and Long may Your big Jib Draw!'

Tackleberry 4 July 2018 10:28

Thinking of you today, Cass.

Silverbullet 4 July 2018 18:00

On this day, two years ago, we lost a great American.


gavin 4 July 2018 18:07

Great man, amazing legacy.

Keep resting easy, Ken.

AZ5326 4 July 2018 18:38

If I had to pick a day..... Miss you Ken.

Mars 4 July 2018 18:41

May you continue to Rest In Peace, Cass!

You are sincerely missed....

bigsapper 4 July 2018 19:47


Ole crusty bastard 4 July 2018 19:56

Good memories.

Chimo 4 July 2018 20:01

May you continue to rest easy sir.

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