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Macka 25 June 2016 09:35

Sometimes when reading a post I wonder what SOTB would think about it.

I bet he would be having a field day with Brexit.

Five-O 25 June 2016 09:47

[QUOTE=Macka;1058572702]Sometimes when reading a post I wonder what SOTB would think about it.

I bet he would be having a field day with Brexit.[/QUOTE]

Indeed....and I ASSume he would be all for it...although he would throw in a "IDGAF about the UK" in his posts. His absence is very noticeable.

Tycon 25 June 2016 19:33

[QUOTE=Five-O;1058572703]His absence is very noticeable.[/QUOTE]I was thinking that when I was reading the "unchambered carry" thread posts of his. He sure had a way (I wish I had) of seeing through the BS/marketing hype and cutting right to the heart of a topic in one small paragraph.

WoreOutMarine 27 June 2016 18:26

I hadn't been on SOCNET since February Due to a lot of personal shit that had my thoughts elsewhere. I got on SOCNET initially to see what was being said about our illustrious choices we had as far as our next President and what opinions were being discussed. I was really looking forward to reading SOTB's and KidA's back and forth comments. Then I saw the thread..........Fuck...Just Fuck. Rest in Peace SOTB, and where ever you are, heaven, hell, Valhalla.......give 'em Hell !! Wish I could have met you in this life....Maybe in the next....."Semper Fi" WoreOutMarine

Bulwar 30 June 2016 02:11

Damn. Just, damn.

poison 30 June 2016 11:39

Yeah, this place is not the same. I was just about to post something about Israel that would have pissed him off, and that he's not here is a loss.

Does anyone have contact with his daughter (pretty sure he had a daughter, right?)? I hope she's OK. Hopefully she's older, not a kid, and hopefully someone will show her this thread. I'm sure it would mean a lot.

ricardo 30 June 2016 18:20

Seņor SOTB, que en paz descanse (QEPD)

Floyd 1 July 2016 22:52

Always enjoyed reading SOTB's posts, always struck me as an honorable man who'd go out of his way to help people here.

His love for his family and country frequently came through in his posts.

He'll be sorely missed here and I'm sure at home.

Semper Fi Marine

JohnG 3 July 2016 02:01

I am just now learning of Andy's passing and send my condolences to all his many friends and family.
Andy was of great help when I reached out to him when a good friends brother was kidnapped in Mexico. Just can't describe how helpful he was, to a stranger.
RIP Andy.

SteveMN175 4 July 2016 09:35

Very sad news. RIP

Armageddon 4 July 2016 10:06

Could somebody post a picture of him for all those who didn't have the chance to meet him? (no persec problems, now)
I would like to finally put a face on the name....

The Corporate Guy 4 July 2016 14:28

SOTB photos => [url][/url]


Gray Rhyno 4 July 2016 18:12

Well played.

DCH 5 July 2016 01:33

There was a picture posted of him, somewhere here in this thread.

Armageddon 5 July 2016 03:26

[QUOTE=The Corporate Guy;1058574895]SOTB photos => [url][/url]


Alan Alda???

Forestboy 5 July 2016 05:09

1 Attachment(s)
Here is a picture of Andy.

Armageddon 5 July 2016 06:38

Great! That was important for me to be able to put a face on the name....

R.I.P Man of Substance

swamppirate 6 July 2016 19:04

RIP SOTB. My glass is held high.

Slim 7 July 2016 22:09

RIP Andy

This site helped me change my life permantley. SOTB was a big part of that.

KidA 7 July 2016 22:43

[QUOTE=Armageddon;1058574957]Great! That was important for me to be able to put a face on the name....[/QUOTE]

That's why they posted pics of Alan Alda - same-same. :biggrin:

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