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ABigDoor 15 May 2021 01:42

I was reading through some old posts as I tend to do from time to time, and noticed that as of midnight here in Houston, it's 5 years since SOTB passed. I only lurked here when he passed, but still remember scrolling through the forums and seeing this thread title and it taking a minute to really click and set in. As a nobody lurker, I was shocked and saddened reading about the death of a person I didn't know and would probably never meet, even if SOTB lived to be a modern Methuselah. I rate as less than nothing compared to him, but even I could see what a meticulous, highly inquisitive and [i]fierce[/i] mind the man behind the screen name possessed and that he was obviously an influential thought leader, who through sheer brilliant willpower, massively helped shape a really amazing message board and community filled with very intelligent people of all type. (I can only imagine what he achieved in the real world.)

all of that is to say, since I can now actually humbly pay my respects, RIP SOTB. I imagine your mind would be ablaze looking at the world's problems in 2021, and we are all lesser for not being able to know what you think.

and I'm thankful to all the SOCNET staff/admins et al that maintain this site and database so his wisdom (and others, of course) can live on in perpetuity.


Spinner 15 May 2021 15:09

RIP, Andy.

Mars 15 May 2021 15:31

Still think of you often, Brother…..

just11b 15 May 2021 15:37

Brother, you sure are missed.

nuprin 15 May 2021 20:54

Rest In Peace, SOTB. Thank you for sharing so much of your life story and wisdom on SOCNET. Your words and your example helped me better deal with my own challenges in life (and I am sure it helped many others, as well). I will keep you in my prayers tonight. God Bless.

bobmueller 15 May 2021 21:56

Hard to believe it's been five years.

May his memory continue to be a blessing to all.

usmc_3m 1 December 2021 23:05

I noticed it was SOTB/Andy's birthday today.

Happy birthday, Andy. Continue to RIP. You are very much missed.

Seanmcd82 2 December 2021 20:17

Yeah, I think of you every day Andy. RIP Brother

HighDragLowSpeed 5 December 2021 12:24

I think of Andy most when I think of Mexico. We'd meet usually in Mexico City or sometimes in Guadalajara. Andy had a unique ability to easily make sense of all of the goings-on in Mexico.

I miss ya bro.

Expatmedic 20 May 2022 23:23

Not forgotten.

ussfpa 21 May 2022 00:52

Andy and I hung out frequently when I was at Rustamiyah...a tremendous human, great friend, wonderful addition to the memories of my heart.


ABigDoor 21 May 2022 08:55

I can't say I've ever seen one person's personality influence any forum, much less one of this size and filled with all kinds of brilliant people, the way SOTB did. It must have been a privilege to know him. RIP. may his friends and family find comfort in knowing he's still with y'all.

Ps - I think he would have enjoyed the most recent [I]Rick & Morty[/I] seasons.

Edit: Kid A and Mako's posts really hit me in the feels.

Mars 21 May 2022 10:24

You will never be forgotten, Brother....

Seanmcd82 25 May 2022 17:00

[QUOTE=ussfpa;1058978396]Andy and I hung out frequently when I was at [B]Rustamiyah.[/B]..a tremendous human, great friend, wonderful addition to the memories of my heart.


Wow, Now There's a shitty place I haven't heard in a long time, I ran Andy in and out of Rusti more than a few times back then, all the nastiest places Andy always seemed to want to go to lol, typical Andy.

RIP Buddy, miss you every day.

airtoad 11 June 2022 11:49

RIP Frogman! Wish I'd known Andy was at Rusti, I was just next door at Rasheed for four yrs.

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