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travelcoord 1 June 2015 17:36

The passing of tommyboy52
This is my first post, and I am writing as the girlfriend and partner of a deceased U.S. Army Special Forces member, SSG Thomas A. Rhoads. I was aware that Tom enjoyed speaking with members here, and I felt it was important to advise those who knew him here as to his sudden passing on Memorial Day weekend, 2015.

To all who knew Tom Rhoads, aka TRH5555, it's with heavy heart that I write this post. I am currently in Tom's hometown of Pittsburgh, PA where a military honors funeral service will take place tomorrow, June 2, 2015 at 10:00 in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies.

Thanks to all here who shared with him the fellowship and camaraderie he so enjoyed.

With respect,

Purple36 1 June 2015 22:11


SOTB 1 June 2015 22:14

Damn. Does anyone know his username here?

Andi, my sincerest condolences and thank you for letting us know.


The Fat Guy 1 June 2015 22:36

SOTB, Its tommyboy52.

I will move this to the socnet members forum.

FYI gents travelcoord posted this in the intro as directed, I moved it here.

Rest Peacefully Brother. Any Alumni from the Triple Nickel is good to go on my list.

Dangerous 1 June 2015 22:38

Rest in Peace Brother. DOL

Forestboy 1 June 2015 22:38

R.I.P. Warrior....

CPTAUSRET 1 June 2015 22:40

Blue Skies!

Rest In Peace, Warrior!

Mars 1 June 2015 22:42

Rest In Peace, Warrior and thank you for your service!

My sincerest condolences, Andi!

DevilDawg 1 June 2015 22:53

Rest in Peace Warrior.

So sorry for your loss Andi

cspillk9 1 June 2015 23:02

I'm new here so I hope it is ok. RIP.

Jimbo 1 June 2015 23:06

RIP SSG Rhoads.

DuckMarshal 1 June 2015 23:09

RIP brother.

Xenonburnout 1 June 2015 23:13

Prayers out to family and friends. Rest in peace SSG Rhoads aka tommyboy52

Baildog 1 June 2015 23:24

my condolence for your loss, Andi

Ace 1 June 2015 23:24

RIP Warrior

Hostile0311 1 June 2015 23:35


GirlwithaGlock 1 June 2015 23:44


Sorry for your loss, Andi.

Sigi 2 June 2015 00:04

RIP SSG Rhoads. Condolences Andi.

Dino0311 2 June 2015 00:10


Kalbo 2 June 2015 00:16

RIP Warrior

Sorry for your loss Andi, prayers out to family and friends.

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