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8654maine 19 July 2016 17:17

RIP Cass.

Thanks for you help and all that you have done.

Your dedication to your wife shows what a great man you were.

You will be missed.

RN47 19 July 2016 17:18

A Giant has passed.

It's not lost on me that men like Cass walked alone down desolate and dusty roads many times in bad, bad lands so that others did not have to. RIP.

hdjohn 19 July 2016 17:20

RIP Sir..........

triumph 19 July 2016 17:25

RIP Sir.

Fair winds and following seas

Husker19D30 19 July 2016 17:27


He was a fine and classy man.

Purple36 19 July 2016 17:31

What a thing to logon to see. :(

RIP. He lived a life worth living.

Impavidus 19 July 2016 17:31

RIP Cass.

leopardprey 19 July 2016 17:32

RIP. Cass was one of primary foundations of this site, and always had words of wisdom and encouragement. He laid the foundation in his service, that many of us could only aspire to emulate.

One thing missing in his obituary above,that I always found fascinating, is his time in China as a "China Sailor" post WWII in the late 1940s.

He is very much missed. God Speed.

Purple36 19 July 2016 17:33

Found this

Sigi 19 July 2016 17:33

RIP Cass.

Never could get you to write that book, but that just wouldn't be your style anyway - a quiet professional.
God speed.

Mingo Kane 19 July 2016 17:34

Our world just became a little more barren and bleak--Cass was truly a gentle man with a huge heart. God Bless him, his wife and family.

Calm waters my friend...

Gumby2/6 19 July 2016 17:36

RIP, Frogman

Scrounger 19 July 2016 17:37

RIP Cass.

Janitor 19 July 2016 17:39

RIP Cass. I wish he had written memoirs.

Old Dog New Trick 19 July 2016 17:42

RIP Cass, you really are in a better place now.

Always respected your wisdom around this place.

Fair winds and calm currents.

BadKarma 19 July 2016 17:42

RIP Cass.

ronix 19 July 2016 17:48

RIP Cass.

The Corporate Guy 19 July 2016 17:49

Very sorry to hear this. Real deal.

RIP, sir.

Seanmcd82 19 July 2016 17:50

What a loss, for this site and for our Country. RIP Cass.

H60Gunner 19 July 2016 17:53

Fair Winds and Following Seas Ken.

Never got to meet him but talked to him over PM here and on another site, always willing to answer my questions.

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