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Silverbullet 7 January 2009 13:50

Michael Yates AKA BOOTS2REI
From: Inspector Cluseo

In Memory

Micheal G. Yates
United States Army: 275th Eng (ADM)
French Foreign Legion: 5e RMP / 2e REI
Security Contractor

Terminal Cancer

A true friend and man of his word. I had the privilege to spend the last days of his life by his side.

The91Bravo 7 January 2009 14:00

Rest easy Legionnaire, and thanks for your service and contributions. I never knew you, but your service was of great help to many, I am sure.

CarbineM1 7 January 2009 14:03

Rest in Peace Legionnaire

Tracy 7 January 2009 14:33


Le3 7 January 2009 14:49

Really sad to hear this.

Thank you for your service.

RIP Légionnaire!

SOTB 7 January 2009 14:51

RIP Légionnaire....

Husker19D30 7 January 2009 14:55

RIP, Sir.

JDAM 7 January 2009 14:55

Rest in peace.

"Legio Patria Nostra"

rgrjoe175 7 January 2009 15:04

Blue Skies

Axe 7 January 2009 15:15


Dino0311 7 January 2009 15:27


maim 7 January 2009 15:39

as requested, please reserve me a good seat.
Rest easy my friend.

heavyguns1/1 7 January 2009 16:26


Patrick7 7 January 2009 17:44


Seanmcd82 7 January 2009 18:01

RIP Soldier

agonyea 7 January 2009 18:30

Rest in Peace!

Balls 7 January 2009 19:53

RIP Légionnaire.

CDRODA396 7 January 2009 19:59

Repos dans la paix Légionnaire.

rgrdrew 7 January 2009 20:47

RIP Legionnaire

Gray Rhyno 7 January 2009 20:58

RIP Warrior.

RAT 8 January 2009 01:20



Lurch 8 January 2009 01:24


Hopeless Civilian 8 January 2009 05:30

R.I.P sir, and thank you for your service to this country, and to the cause of freedom everywhere.

Corsair 8 January 2009 07:27


Forestboy 8 January 2009 07:49

RIP Légionnaire....

Thorshammer 8 January 2009 10:57

Mike AKA [B]BOOTS2REI[/B] , [B]Inspector Cluseo [/B]and I would come together for Training and R & R. . We would do long week ends at my sister's place on the lake in Alabama for drinks and good southern cooking. Mike will be missed by my entire family and by all those who had the honor of knowing him.

Mike and I first meet up in 1988 Marseille, France . Running around and being fair embassadors and like good ole boys.
We would head up to the top of the hill near the train station in Marseille playing let bowl steel on steel into simple means of transportation down at the bottom. Boys will be boys.

He was an Honorable man of his word and Legion to the end. He will not be forgotten.

Mike was one of those who had been there and done that and was still able to answer the call when the time came.

[B]1977-1978 US Army Combat Engineer 12B [/B]
Deployment: Ludwisburg, Germany, Atomic Demolition Munitions

After the US Army he was , Loading of Charges for Simultaneous or Single Detonation,

[B]1983-1989 French Foreign Legion[/B]
2nd French Foreign Legion Infantry Regiment
Deployment: Djibouti and Chad, Africa

5th Foreign Infantry Pacific Mixed Regiment
Deployment: Mururoa atoll, French Polynesia

In 2006 Mike got back in the saddle and started over, High Risk Security Operations.

For all those who knew him Mike was a fine example to follow and never knew the term "Give Up!" He could run most of you in the ground and shoot with the best of them. When Mike got back in the saddle he got remarks like holly shit that old guy can shoot. Who the **** is that. And were did he come from. Mikes skills were a combination of who he was and the path he chose.

He will be missed.


Maximus 8 January 2009 12:12


Ole crusty bastard 8 January 2009 12:15


iraqgunz 8 January 2009 16:18

RIP Légionnaire.

Fox 8 January 2009 16:48

Though we only spoke once, you were quick to treat me as a friend. My thoughts are with your family, and friends, especially Inspector and Surveyor who I know were close to you at the end. R.I.P. WARRIOR!!!

cplk 8 January 2009 19:11

R.I.P Brother you will not be forgotten.

[URL=""]A video for you comrade[/URL]

Cpl K.

PanaVet 8 January 2009 20:37


Doc P 8 January 2009 20:52


cplk 9 January 2009 06:46

Following a request here is the new video so we can all remember Mike.




Ranger1 9 January 2009 07:23

That's a crap way for one of us to go.

Rest In Peace Michael Yates.

Ranger5280 9 January 2009 12:59

RIP Brother

CarbineM1 9 January 2009 15:15

[QUOTE=cplk;1089811]R.I.P Brother you will not be forgotten.

[URL=""]A video for you comrade[/URL]

Cpl K.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Cpl K
Nice tribute.

Typhoon 9 January 2009 19:54

RIP Légionnaire. I hope that Mr. Yates is in a much better place now. I am sorry for your loss, SB, and my sympathies to all here who knew him...

307th_ACE 9 January 2009 19:57

RIP Brother Engineer.

stafford.stefan 10 January 2009 07:16


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