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Ranger William (Bill) Hazen, Machinegun Squad 1st PLT B 2/75

Got the news from FB that Ranger Hazen, who was one of the original members of SOCNET, has passed away in San Diego, where he had resided for quite some time.

Bill was a Machinegunner in 1 B 2/75, old scroll, and then went on after ETS to join SF in the 19th Group.

I've no details as to the cause of his death, but he had been in declining health for some time.

Rest in Peace, Ranger Hazen. Drop your Pig and Ruck near the RTO in the center of the Patrol Base, pull out your 'cho liner and sleeping pad, and get the sleep that you deserve.

We'll be catching up with you later on. Rest in Peace, Ranger.
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