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Picture of Cass

Ran across this - It's Ken outside of the UDT building in Coronado - UDT Operator Ken Garret posing near handmade sign that reflects (all) Naval Combat Demolition Unit / Underwater Demolition Team Battle Credits during World War II, at the UDT Quarter Deck entrance - USN Amphibious Base. Note proximity of cars on the Hwy to the UDT Base of Operations. That narrow two lane road you see is the old Silver Strand Hwy 75.

Pacific Headquarters UDT-1 / UDT-3 Admin and Training Quonset Huts. This was the total building structures, two other Quonset Huts exist outside the frame of the picture.

Circa: 1951 / Peak of the Korean War
Note the Command signs resemble broken “planks”. UDTs had been decommissioned at the conclusion of WW2 save a very small contingency skeleton crew of hairy-chested double cap crimpin’ Frogmen/Naked Warriors who basically recreated the Teams from scratch to fight a whole new style of unconventional warfare, starting with UDTs 1 and 3 on in Coronado, and Teams 2 and 4 in Little Creek. I speculate that the broken planks represent the UDTers short break in service and that they were (completely new) commands.

UDT-1 and 3 morphed into UDT-11 and 12, UDT-2 and 4 turned into UDT-21 and 22 after the Korean War.
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