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Old 23 February 2012, 22:11
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In Memoriam: Chuck Schantag

Unto the members of SOCNET:

I bring sad news. Chuck Schantag, former Vietnam Marine,
Purple Heart Recipient, and CEO of Pownetwork.org has
passed away today.

He was out doing a shooting activity when he suffered
a fatal heart attack. The LifeFlight paramedics were unable
to revive him when called to the scene.

The Schantags were relentless in ferreting out military
frauds and phonies. Their website has been THE go to place
for getting reports on phonies published. Their dedication to
the cause of preserving the honor of military awards were
admired by many and earned the ire of phonies and frauds
the world over.

Chuck will be missed. Semper Fi! Let the guards of the
gates of heaven stand aside and announce another
warrior has joined them who served our country
with honor.

I will post more as I talk with Former Navy SEAL Steve
Robinson as he keeps me informed.

Former Navy ET2
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:15
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Blue skies! Rest In Peace!
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:15
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Very sad news. He does great work to protect the honor of all Military Man who have earned it.

Thank you for all your hard and good work Mr. Schantag. Now back to drinking with your long lost Brothers-in-Arms in the Great Hall- especially the one who causes you to start your important crusade of POW network.

Though here at journey's end I lie
in darkness buried deep,
beyond all towers strong and high,
beyond all mountains steep,
above all shadows rides the Sun
and Stars for ever dwell:
I will not say the Day is done,
nor bid the Stars farewell.
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:16
rgrjoe175 rgrjoe175 is offline
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Blue Skies, my condolences to family and friends.

I heard a Green Beret say once to a man that failed a highly demanding school, "It is still the individual effort, the ability to take one more step, and to understand that the pain of finishing is more intense, but finite, however the pain of quitting is unbearable..... and eternal.
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:20
Agoge Agoge is online now
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Rest in Peace, Brother and thank you for your service. You will certainly be missed by many. My condolences to his friends and family.
A warrior is a hunter. He calculates everything. That's control. Once his calculations are over, he acts. He lets go. That's abandon. A warrior is not a leaf at the mercy of the wind. No one can push him, no one can make him do things against himself or against his better judgment. A warrior is tuned to survive and he survives in the best of all possible fashions. -- Castaneda
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:23
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RIP Sir and thank you for all of your hard work.
Come on boys, you got to do it right, pray to the moon in the middle of the night
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:24
Boats Boats is offline
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RIP, Chuck..although I never had the pleasure of knowing you, be assured I appreciate your efforts in uncovering frauds, and your dedicated service. Fair Winds, my friend.
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:26
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RIP, Marine
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:29
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RIP Chuck, your service to our Nation and to keeping the Honor of veterans clean will not be forgotten.

My prayers and condolances go out to his wife Mary who he was devoted to.

Semper Fi
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:30
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Losing faith in humanity, one assclown at a time....
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:32
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RIP, Marine...
Hearts and minds? -- that's two to the chest and one in the head, right?

“An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.”
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:32
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RIP Marine
Vietnam 66-67

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

In GOD we trust, all others we monitor
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:33
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God Bless and Semper Fi
Eschew Obfuscation
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:35
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I contacted the Shangtags concerning a very close friend of my fathers (at age 17) regarding his status as a POW during the Korean War and was pleasantly surprised he was very much the real deal. What a great service and legacy they/he has provided. My father and his high school friend are now in continual contact. It was assumed he had been "missing in action" but was really "missing" in California instead of his home in SC for the last 5 plus decades.

Repatriated after the war. RG

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Old 23 February 2012, 22:36
Freebird Freebird is offline
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RIP Sir. Thank you for your dedicated service. Prayers to your family.
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:58
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Rest In Peace, Sir. Bless you for Mary and your untiring efforts on our behalf.

Vahalla awaits you. You earned it; and then some.

Last edited by Tracy; 23 February 2012 at 23:05.
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Old 23 February 2012, 22:59
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RIP Marine.
"The most HSLD stuff ever taught was the basics. So-called 'advanced training' is often no more than the very fluid and expert application of those basic skills." - SOTB
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Old 23 February 2012, 23:02
Oldpogue Oldpogue is offline
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Having a fatal heart attack while out shooting. Not too many better ways to go. RIP sir.
Everybody is entitled to their opinion. Of course that lets in the crackpots, but if you can't tell a crackpot when you see one, you oughta be taken in. Harry Truman
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Old 23 February 2012, 23:05
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Rest in Peace, Marine.
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Old 23 February 2012, 23:12
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"Gravity is a cruel mistress!"
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