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Old 17 December 2019, 13:54
johnnylaw johnnylaw is offline
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Damn... I can't believe that I just now saw this. RIP sir.
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Old 21 March 2020, 20:16
pyrrhic0369 pyrrhic0369 is offline
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I just saw this. We met up when I was running a training cell in NC, he came and gave a talk to the command staff about mentoring indigenous forces. RIP brother.
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Old 24 March 2020, 08:21
billdawg's Avatar
billdawg billdawg is offline
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How in the hell did I miss this?
RIP Brother.
Be nice, until it's time to not be nice!
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Old 26 March 2020, 00:05
Armitage12 Armitage12 is offline
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R.I.P. I think of Tripod often.
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Old 1 April 2020, 03:44
Charlie Waite Charlie Waite is offline
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FWFS. After recently seeing his target avatar it reminded me of Tripod. Sad to see this.
“I and the public know what all schoolchildren learn, those to whom evil is done do evil in return.” W.H. Auden

Daddy Like- Dark Helmet
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Old 1 April 2020, 11:05
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Rest Peaceful Sir.

No matter.
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Old 28 April 2020, 20:31
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Originally Posted by billdawg View Post
How in the hell did I miss this?
RIP Brother.
I just run across it. Damn.

Rest Easy Warrior
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Old 2 May 2020, 14:32
Boyo72's Avatar
Boyo72 Boyo72 is offline
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I also missed this. Rest easy brother, you are not forgotten.
[SIZE="3"]“The nation that will insist upon drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking by cowards.” -William F. Butler[/SIZE]
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Old 6 May 2020, 14:12
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Never forget
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"Those that know don't talk and those that talk don't know."
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Old 22 June 2020, 13:51
cdutchess78 cdutchess78 is offline
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Damn, this is late but I am hardly on here anymore. Chris was one of the lead instructors when I went through WPS in Virginia. He knew a lot and was a wealth of knowledge. He was always cracking jokes and making the time easier than what it needed to be. On of the funniest times was when we had to do our presentation a principle advance. Well, on one of the presentations,one of the other instructors had slipped in something a little "extra". It was the video of Chris when he was on "The Price is Right". Low and behold, they call out his name and he jumps up from the audience, all while wearing a fricking pirate shirt, and hobbles down and onto the stage. He ends up guessing the item correctly and makes it on stage with Drew Carey where he ends up winning! What did he win? A darn cotton candy machine! HAHAHA! The entire room was rolling in laughter. Chris thought it was the funniest thing ever and it made whatever nerves we had of presenting just go away. We had a great group of instructors,but Chris definitely stood out.Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. R.I.P.
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Old 25 June 2020, 00:04
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bobofthedesert bobofthedesert is offline
RIP SOTB, Cass, Hognose
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RIP Stevie D. 1964-2012
U.S. Army Veteran of OIF 2003
"Gone But Never Forgotten"

"Let us return to old times and that will be progress." - Verdi

"We are giants put on this Earth to rid it of evil and to keep all that is good." - Jack Horne
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Old 25 June 2020, 04:03
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What a loss.

Godspeed, brother.
[SIZE="2"]Ranger Classes 12, 13, & 14-81: 1st PLT, "Bad 'Muthers," Co A, 2d Ranger Battalion, 1980-84.
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